Ad aware

  User-178362 17:04 04 Aug 2006

1) Ad aware / 2) Tools Internet Options, Delete cookies,. Do you think I should do both of these and if so why?

  nob14 17:08 04 Aug 2006

get ad-aware yep, delete cookies, up to you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:31 04 Aug 2006

Get adaware if you think you need it. It is free. Instead of mucking around deleting cookies go to click here and download Ccleaner. It is free. When you first run it ensure that in 'cleaner settings' all the boxes in advanced are ticked except 'menu order cache' and 'window size/location cache'. When you first run it you will be amazed at how much rubbish it clears as well as all your cookies.


  User-178362 22:29 04 Aug 2006

I have CClean, In advanced I have boxes for 1) Only deleted files in Win temp, folder etc, I have a tick here. 2) Box Hide warning messages no tick. 3) Close program after cleaning, no tick, Show prompt to backup registry issue, tick here. 4) Show detailed log of Internet Explorer Temp files, no tick here. I click on update but when window comes up Not sure where to update. Could you help me please?

  SB23 12:32 05 Aug 2006

All I've got ticked there is to prompt for reistry issues.
The page that you go to, thanks you for using CCleaner, then tells you what version you are using. If you need to update, then it will tell you to. With me its just above the blue box.

  recap 15:42 05 Aug 2006

In Ccleaner I take the tick out of 'clear history'. When I first ran Ccleaner I kept the tick in, small mistake that. It's up to you whether you clear your history, in my case I do a lot a surfing at home and work, and need to refere back to sites without filling my favourites folder up.

  User-178362 21:31 05 Aug 2006

Should I have ticks in all boxes for, Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer/System

  User-178362 02:11 06 Aug 2006

I have done Ccleaner, I haven't got a tick in Autocomplete Form History, Old Prefetch data. Do I need to have a tick in these?

  SB23 16:36 06 Aug 2006

Under IE, all are ticked apart from autocomplete form history.All are ticked in Windows explorer, and the same under System, (I ticked old prefetch data).
None of mine are ticked under the Advanced, thats the way its been since I installed the program, and I've never had any problems with the program. It does its job very well.

  User-178362 23:01 06 Aug 2006

Thank you.

  User-178362 19:16 10 Aug 2006

How often do you suggest I do CClean?

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