ad-aware 2008 anti-virus/nod 32

  brigtoo 14:41 22 May 2008

i am running ad-aware 2007 plus and can update to 2008 plus version which now has an anti-virus element. anybody know if its ok to run the new 2008 plus version and my anti virus nod32 programme together, as i understand two anti virus progs. running together can cause problems.

  Technotiger 14:49 22 May 2008

You are right, no two anti-virus on the same PC. I use the Free Ad-Aware 2008, very good too IMHO.

  rawprawn 14:57 22 May 2008

I am running AdAware 2008 Plus, I think that your are confusing Anti Virus, and AntiMalware. There is no AV in AdAware 2008 Plus and it willcause no problemsfor your AV.

  rawprawn 15:04 22 May 2008

Sorry brigtoo,you are right I have just found it in Settings, but it is not activated by default,so if you don't activate it you willbe OK.
I will look at this further

  rawprawn 15:27 22 May 2008

As I understand it from the Help file, the antivirus engine is only used when scanning and is not "Real time" so should not be a problem.
I have activated mine and I will keep an eye on it.

  birdface 16:46 22 May 2008

click here This looks like the here

  birdface 16:47 22 May 2008

Sorry about the double click.

  rawprawn 16:58 22 May 2008

Hi, I still don't understand it because Ad aware only runs when you start it for a scan, and theav engine is only shown in the scan settings.Ad Watch runs real time but has no AV.
I don't think it can possibly clash with another AV

  birdface 19:28 22 May 2008

I can't really comment on it as I have not used Ad-Aware for about 5 years.Will it cause problems.[possibly] Just like AVG8 is at the moment.But I suppose we will have to get used to New programs as they are getting more sophisticated in finding problems.Maybe the days of just having 1 Anti-virus program may be on it's way out,And security Suites taking over,I prefer just having them singularly rather in packages.I had Norton Internet Security for a few years and that put me off.I liked AVG the way it was but I suppose we have to get used to new versions.If there is going to be any complications with Ad-aware anti-virus I am sure we will be one of the first to hear about it.

  Technotiger 19:54 22 May 2008

Hmm, I think I was at first confused by brigtoo's post - have re-read and checked my own Ad-Aware 2008, there is no Anti-Virus in Ad-Aware 2008, so it is perfectly safe to run Ad-Aware 2008 and any Anti-virus of your choice. I use the free AVG8, which I think is where my confusion arouse at the start!

  Technotiger 19:55 22 May 2008

Of course - I am referring only to the Free version of Ad-Aware. I have no experience of Ad-Aware Plus.

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