actulice box on start up

  YAN003 10:27 28 May 2004

Hi,at work a small window pops up on start up on one of the pc's that says....... the title bar and modF on the page with an ok option......

crossing it several times does get rid but comes back on reboot...

done a search in files and folders but not found anything....

Thanks in advance.

  only me 10:40 28 May 2004

it is a worm to get rid of it go to click here
follow instructions

  YAN003 10:49 28 May 2004

As ever many thanks.

  CODEYE 15:03 29 May 2004

Which of the downloads is the one for ACTULICE ?
I've had this problem for the last week,tried Ad-aware,spybot,stinger and avg but ACTULICE still keeps coming back. I've disabled system restore.

  AndySD 15:11 29 May 2004

click "check for updates" above the start button to make sure you have the latest reference file

use these settings for a "full scan"
Scan settings for custom scan
The following explains how to set Ad-aware to perform a "Full Scan."

In Ad-aware click the Gear to go to the Settings area. The following items should be on a green check, not on a red X.

Under the Scanning button: Scan within archives

Under Memory & Registry, Check EVERYTHING

In Check Drives & Folders, make sure all of your hard drives are selected

Under the Advanced button, check ALL under Log detail level (this makes it easier for visitors to the Lavasoft Support Forums to see what options you have selected should you require assistance.)

Under the Tweak button:

Some of these may not be an available option, depending on your version of Ad-aware and your version of Windows. Do not be concerned if you cannot select a certain item.

In Scanning Engine:

Unload recognized processes during scanning

In Cleaning Engine:

XP/2000: Allow unloading explorer to unload shell extensions prior to deletion
Let Windows remove files in use at next reboot
UNCHECK: Automatically try to unregister objects prior to deletion

Click Proceed to save these settings. When you would like to perform a "Full Scan," switch the scan mode from SmartScan to Custom.

  CODEYE 16:17 29 May 2004

I followed your instructions with Ad-Aware but i'm afraid ACTULICE is still there. I've run Ad-Aware 3 times,it scanned 3 times the number of files than it did before your instructions but still no luck. I have to leave the computer for a while but i'll try again later. any more help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

  AndySD 18:18 29 May 2004

Go Start then Search then All Files and Folders and in view go to choose Details then scroll down and tick Company. Now in All or part of the name pit in


Look in


When was it modified

Past Month

More Advanced Options tick Search System Folders and Hidden Files and Folders and Subfolders.

Click Search.

Companys to look for are THUNDERDOME,TOTEMPOLE and .S, D D

Rename the files to .txt or .old

  CODEYE 22:19 29 May 2004

I have gone though hundreds of files but i can't find any that match up with ACTULICE. (My eyes are hanging on my cheeks now.) This worm seems to generate new files and exe.s every time it appears. like winpup32,180solutions,n-case,msbb.exe. I have done another scan with Ad-aware ACTULICE is not showing until i open media player so i'm going to leave it for tonight, i'll have another look tomorrow. Thanks for your time and help its been much appreciated.

  AndySD 11:02 30 May 2004

I may not have been clear enough above...

Go Start then Search then All Files and Folders and Right click in the bar that has

Name . InFolder . Sze . Type . Date Modified

choose More and go down the list and tick Company

The companys you are looking for are



.S, D D

  lamda 11:09 30 May 2004

add to my postings

  CODEYE 16:43 30 May 2004

I think i have eventually got rid of ACTULICE.
It has not shown up over the last hour. I followed your instrutions up to where you said right click to bring up more, i couldn't get more to come up,i still checked all files for thunderdome etc. but couldn't find any thing.
What i did find was by going into msconfig then startup i found sdvelopp.exe, deleted it,restarted the computer and checked msconfig again. this time ystems.exe showed up, deleted this and restarted again. This time there were no strange entries in start up,emtied the recycle bin and up to now no more ACTULICE.
What it has done is to stop me opening media player but i'll remove and restore it again,so i hope thats the end of this saga and i would like to thank you once again for your help and the time you have taken. I think its great when someone who gets totaly stumped can call on this forum and the people in it to help out. Keep up the good work.

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