Activity Logger 2.0. Help to kill, please?

  NickyK 11:50 13 Feb 2005

On start-ups, I have recently run AOL's own spyware detector. It keeps telling me I have Activity Logger 2.0. So, I block it, then delete it. On reboot, it's there again. I run tight security, and use Adaware, Spybot and Spyware Blaster (plus AVG anti-virus and Mcafee firewall).

None of the above applications seems to be in conflict with any of the others. Is this a false positive?

I googled Activity Logger, but the recommended software removers were not ones completely endorsed by Spware Warrior site.

I also tried manual removal of the pest, but couldn't find it anywhere.

AAGR. (aka: any advice gratefully recieved).

  rawprawn 12:06 13 Feb 2005

click here Try this, you can download a free trial.

  rawprawn 12:08 13 Feb 2005

It might also be an idea to turn system restore off(You will lose your restore points) before scanning and scan in safe mode.

  NickyK 12:10 13 Feb 2005

Okay, but I can't ever get system restore to work on my system - probably doing something wrong. I'll try a scanb with Webroot, but can't trial it again, because I already have done so - lovely product, btw.

  NickyK 12:14 13 Feb 2005

Tried Webroot on-line scan, but it couldn't "download spyware definitions/codes/"whetevers.

  JIM 12:19 13 Feb 2005

do you run spybot s&d as it as an entry for Activity Logger.Be sure your not deleting that entry which is there for the purpose of blocking.

To find it in spybot you have to go to the advanced mode select "ignore products"then all products look in the list for Activity Logger = a to z top to bottom:)


  NickyK 12:28 13 Feb 2005

Thanks, JIM. When I run Spybot, I use the straight-forward settings, not advanced. I guess I could try this. However, I am a wee bit too inexperienced to do so in case I accidently permanently save new settings. Though I suppose I could set S&B back to default.

Also, I run WindowsXP, with SP2 installed, on a newish Dell with AOL Broadband.

And I think I got the Logger-bugger from a software download off internet. More fool me. HAve deleted suspect software, but no change.

  NickyK 12:30 13 Feb 2005

Gonna try what JIM suggests. Back in 30 mins.

  JIM 12:34 13 Feb 2005

you will be ok if you have the normal tools recomended by the forum lads/ladies.I to have Aol spyware,i uninstalled as it kept finding the entries from spybot, and ad- ware etc.

To many trying were competing against each other.You still have to keep your wits about you incase the reported item is true.But searching and checking does help.

  NickyK 14:06 13 Feb 2005

Thanks JIM. It turns out that Spybot was, indeed, correctly configured to find Activity Logger; and since I update it regularly, I am assuming AOL is a false positive - I have found, in the past, that AOL Spyware sometimes reads a protection in something like Spybot or Blaster as a threat.

Yes, I was already suspicious that this was the case. And, yes, I have now checked yet again to ensure that AOL Spyware is not altering my settings on my other protectors. But I will keep running AOL spyware until Activity disappears - I had just the same problem last year with Gator in exactly the same situation (but, as you imply, maybe Gator really was there and the other protectors couldn't see it).

The only reason I became alarmed about Activity Logger, rather than trust my instincts, and very limited experience, was because of when I Googled Activity Logger and was told lots of horrid things that it can do to me and my privacy. I was so scared I almost unplugged my phone line in case someone sent Alastair Campbell round. The website that told me this offered me a complete solution for under one hundred bucks - so kind...and so expensive. Well, I may have been born yesterday, but I am not a complete idiot. So I looked 'em up on spyware warrior

click here

and, guess what? "Don't trust these guys. They use frighteners to make you buy stuff you don't want, can't afford and which doesn't work anyway" (my paraphase of sw's write-up). Like, duh?

Thanks for reassuring me and helping me, JIM. And, yes, I agree that the Webroot is v.good.

As always, and with anyone who helps me with my novice/newbie questions, I really appreciate the help and your time. And I have learned something new today.

Thanks again, JIM,



  JIM 00:06 14 Feb 2005

Thankyou for feedback you are doing well these days.

"may have been born yesterday"

no! no-way and we in here know. -;)


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