ActiveX-what is it?

  Caro123 15:01 04 Mar 2005

When trying to edit photos on Ebay, I receive a message to install: ActiveX on Ebay - when I click to install the page freezes and have to use task manager to end program. Microsoft error report reports two files C:\DOCUME\Name|LOCALS1|Temp|WER554f.dir00\iexplore.exe.mdmp and """\appcompat.txt. Everything else on comp is working -I think! Can anyone help - do I need to install something to make this work properly? V urgent plse as I have rung a comp engineer this afternoon to try to sort out.....

  Yoda Knight 15:18 04 Mar 2005

CANCEL THE ENGINEER !!! Why waste the money when youve found this site ?

Empty ur internet history (download ccleaner if u need to) and install the activeX control.

  Yoda Knight 15:28 04 Mar 2005


  Yoda Knight 15:29 04 Mar 2005

Woops, I meant delete the temp internet files...

  Caro123 15:39 04 Mar 2005

Hi YodaKnight
Have deleted all temp int files - how do I install ActiveX and where from ( I ran PC rescue as advised by member and following appeared:
Invalid ActiveX\Com file-163 problems found
" " Subsection file-163 problems
Invalid Applications paths file-3 probs found
Invalid Help files file-1 prob found
Invalid uninstall section file-17 probs found

but it won't let me repair unless I pay up!

Any suggestions?

  Yoda Knight 15:48 04 Mar 2005

you dont have to install "activeX", it is a type of program, not a specific program.
Go back to the site on ebay that asked you to install it and allow it to install from there

  Stuartli 16:30 04 Mar 2005

This will explain to you the use of ActiveX controls:

click here

  Caro123 16:31 04 Mar 2005

Hi Yoda,
Problem is - when Install ActiveX comes up on Ebay and I click to install- the whole thing freezes! Just been into Internet files and Java runtime Environment 1.4.2 Type-Acvtive X control- has a Total size of 0 bytes - does this mean that it isn't there - can't find any tace of Active X on computer! Does this make sense!

  Yoda Knight 16:38 04 Mar 2005

the problem is that something on your pc is stopping internet explorer from installing the activex control.

"Microsoft error report reports two files C:\DOCUME\Name|LOCALS1|Temp|WER554f.dir00\iexplore.exe.mdmp and """\appcompat.txt. "

Manualy delete these files as they appear to be the source of the problem. You should be able to install the activeX after you delete the problem files.

U wont find much about activeX on your pc as activeX is the name of a TYPE of program (eg antivirus, a generic name), not really a program (eg norton anti-virus), as I said before.

  Stuartli 16:45 04 Mar 2005

If you go to My Computer>Explore>Local Disk>Windows>Downloaded Program Files and then right click on any of the listings>Properties, you will be informed that they are ActiveX controls.

Some of them will be 0kb.

  Stuartli 16:49 04 Mar 2005

If you set the Security settings in Internet Explorer to the Default you should be OK with ActiveX controls.

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