ActiveX Problems

  Kingswan7 16:56 08 Jan 2004

I have a serious problem thats doing my head in...When I try to go to a secure site, such as Microsoft Update I get: Your currant security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page...

I turned off my anti virus and my firewall and turned down my security settings to Medium low, nothing seems to work!

I've also deleted the files from Windows Update Folder and removed the Windows Update ActiveX Controls as per MS Support.

I'm running XP Home with AOL

What can I do...?

  wawadave 17:18 08 Jan 2004

if running xp shut off xp,s gimppy fire wall.

  terminus 17:21 08 Jan 2004

check tools...options....privacy...lower cookie setting?

  Kingswan7 18:37 08 Jan 2004

friewall not running. set cookie to low still no good

  slightlymad 11:26 09 Jan 2004

Refreshing to place this thread at the top.

  Kingswan7 12:40 09 Jan 2004

I have got it fixed with Crypofix Thanks for help Kingswan7

  slightlymad 16:54 10 Jan 2004

Glad you're all right now, Jack. What's Crypofix when it's at home? Google doesn't know.

  Kingswan7 18:06 10 Jan 2004

Sorry It should been CRYTOFIX hope it helps

  Irishman 18:33 10 Jan 2004

Post the url for others with this problem. CRYTOFIX does not Google either.

  leo49 18:37 10 Jan 2004

Cryptofix does - it's on Jester2K's site.

  leo49 18:39 10 Jan 2004

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