COUCHER 23:55 07 Oct 2004

After much trouble with reloads and virus attacks which started through installing SP2 I'm more or less up and running (without SP2).
But when viewing emails and on some web pages I'm just getting the blank boxes with red cross in topleft corner. The only thing I can see wrong is occasionally I get an error box saying my security setting won't allow activex to run .
My security settings are no different than they usually are,originally default from XP setup.
I'm running Norton Antivirus 2003 but the problem is still there if I delete it.
I've searched through all the settings I can thnk of but can't find anything.
Has anyone any ideas how to activate activex (no pun).

Thank.. Dan...

  ste_bla 00:34 08 Oct 2004

in IE

Tools > Internet options > Security

click on internet, click choose level and choose medium

  COUCHER 01:26 08 Oct 2004

Thanks but no joy tried med-low and low still no joy. This prob only seemed to start after install of SP2 where on any page with a pic you have to click on the grey bar at the top of the page which annoyed me and not being able to find a way of cancelling this, as I use hundreds of pics and it was a bind, I uninstalled SP2 but the pics were still not there and no bar to click on to get them. I may try to reinstall SP2 but am wary as quite a few things went wrong last time. Since the last time I've had to reinstall windows over twenty times and really got miffed off.
Thanks anyway

  COUCHER 12:16 08 Oct 2004

On web pages the lack of pics suddenly righted itself after a bad shutdown. System did a scan and must have righted itself.In Outlook Express I went to View - Encoding, which was set on Western European (ISO) I changed this to Western European (Windows) and all the images and GIFFs reappeared as if by magic.
Anyway thanks for your help and I hope this may help someone else if they have the same problem.

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