active x!!warning pops up everytime on explorer...

  moby58 10:36 16 Apr 2009

I'm working on a friends pc[xp],and everytime I try to access anything an "ACTIVE X"warning pops up asking "do you want to allow software such as active x controls and plug ins to run".
I've clicked "yes" once,but it pops up every time again and again!Help!

  Graphicool1 10:48 16 Apr 2009

It's all about his security settings.
Start>Right click the IE icon (not the short cut) Choose 'Properties or Internet Properties' in the pop-up menu click the 'Security' tab. Scroll down to the various settings for Active X.

  moby58 10:55 16 Apr 2009

Have looked where you said,but there are about 7 different active x boxes to tick...should they all be on enable??some have "not recommended" beside the boxes to be ticked.Which ones should I change?!thanks in advance

  Graphicool1 10:55 16 Apr 2009

The ones you probably will want to change are under the headings:

Download signed ActiveX Controls:
Enable (Not Secure)

Download unsigned ActiveX controls:
Enable (Not Secure)

  Graphicool1 11:02 16 Apr 2009

This isn't a recommendation on my part. You might be putting your friends PC at risk by doing this. Check your own PC security and see how that is set up.

I have all the recommended settings ticked on mine and yes I do get that annoying warning when trying to download certain software. It tells you the risk, the choice is yours. My security setting is medium high.

  moby58 11:02 16 Apr 2009

Thanks!Have done those.Why does it make it "not secure"....?What does that actually mean?

  Graphicool1 11:08 16 Apr 2009

It probably means that the software developers haven't paid Microsoft for a certificate. They may have devious reasons for doing this. Or on the other hand perhaps they just don't see why they should. As I have already said you either block all unsigned ActiveX software, in case it's iffy or take a chance.

  moby58 11:09 16 Apr 2009

On reflection,I think I will leave it!Thanks for your help though.Have a good day!

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