Active X component can't create object

  dangermouse 17:11 10 Mar 2003

This popup message appears twice when loading a program. After clicking OK on each occasion, another message pops up '(429) ActiveX component can't creat object - Error 002 - after CDDB initialised successfully'

The program I'm trying to load is a CD database program called CD Trustee. I have had it working successfully, but after a system crash, I had to use the WIN98 Scanreg program to roll back the Registry by one day. Some programs wouldn't work and I uninstalled them and reinstalled - including IE5.5 SP2, whose security settings are at medium. I then clean the Registry of invalid references using System Mechanic and did a Scandisk/Defrag.

I've reinstalled CD Trustee, and it partially works, but this ActiveX business seesm to be creatin problems. The machine is second hand so I don't have the Win98SE disks, and I can't find anyhting like this problem on the Microsoft Knowledgebase - although I don't find that easy to navigate anyway.

Has anyone any ideas of what I can do to resolve this problem ? Thanks.

  JoeC 17:31 10 Mar 2003

into Google reveals lots of possible answers ( too many to list here ). Look for ones with 429 in them. : }

  dangermouse 15:54 11 Mar 2003

Well, after much swearing and mucking around, I've fixed it.
Don't ask me why, but it appears that the problem was caused - at least in part - by a partially completed RealOne Player install, which resulted in missing RichFX plugins and some RealPlayer DLLs.
I think that it was also a large amount of luck, and a heavy dependence on the Helpline sections in back issues of PC Advisor.

  dangermouse 12:00 26 May 2003

This is the official information for this problem with CD Trustee. For more info, go to click here

"ERROR MESSAGE: Active X control can't create object

Most likely, the DAO350.DLL file is missing or not registered, and something on your machine is preventing this file from being properly installed.

You need to rename this file to some other name, then re-install CD Trustee. This will place the correct version of this file on your machine and properly register it with Windows. Do NOT un-install CD Trustee first. This might delete your existing database of albums, which is the CDTrust.mdb file. Simply re-install into the same folder as before.

The DAO350.DLL file is probably in folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO. It might also be in your Windows\System folder, or Windows\System32 folder if you are using Windows XP. If you can't find it, do the following: Double-click your "My Computer" icon, then click the Search button. Choose "All files and folders" from the options listed, and type dao350.DLL in the file name box. In the "Look in" box, make sure this says "My Computer", or else change this to your C drive, then click the Search button."

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