activation problem after motherboard change

  PeterJD 19:09 29 Apr 2008

Some time ago my computer was damaged by an electrical storm and the motherboard was changed.

Recently I reinstalled WXP (home) from the manufacturer's installation CD. When I tried to activate it the original activation code did not of course work because of the changed motherboard.

I therefore phoned Microsoft expecting them to provide me with a new activation code. After being shunted around for some time I was told that they could not help me and I should contact the manufacturer of the computer.

They told me that they could not help and the only thing I could do would be to install a new OS.

I was surprised at what Microsoft said as I understood that this was exactly the sort of situation that they DID handle. Does anyone have any comment on this?

Also, and of course more importantly, Can anyone help me out on how I might be able to activate my OS?

Best, PeterD

  spuds 19:17 29 Apr 2008

Possibly all to do with the original being OEM. Microsoft place the responsibility onto the manufacturer to resolve issues like this.Looks like another new O/S.

  citadel 19:18 29 Apr 2008

I would try again, if they say no just get a oem windows xp or vista.

  gengiscant 19:20 29 Apr 2008

Did you phone Microsoft using this method.
Scroll down to activate by phone.
click here
I have activated on numerous occasions doing it this way, never had a problem.

  DieSse 19:29 29 Apr 2008

I'm not sure if I understand you correctly.

"Sometime ago the motherboard was changed" - was WXP reactivated then? Was the new motherboard a duplicate of the old one? - or a close match? - or an upgrade?

"Recently I re-installed XP" - how long a time had elapsed since it was changed after being damaged?

Where is the product key for installing WXP? - on a label on the system?

Out of interest who is the system manufacturer?

OEM licenses do not expire along with component failure, even of the motherboard. They expire when the system dies or is substantially upgraded.

One thought - the activation codes on the label are sometimes very difficult to read accurately - check it with a magnifying glass. Particularly 8 and B can be easy to confuse.

  GaT7 19:39 29 Apr 2008

PeterJD, have you contacted the PC's manufacturer for help on this? MS may be right on this as they (the original manufacturer) should be your first port of call regarding such issues.

gengiscant, did that method work even after changing the motherboard? G

  MCE2K5 00:58 30 Apr 2008

As gengiscant said, It worked for me, Voice asked if Major Hardware Changed or Motherboard replaced Due to Failure, Answered 'Yes', New Activation Code Issued.

  PeterJD 10:30 30 Apr 2008

Thank you. I have tried the above. (Except for buying a new OS) They do not resolve the problem.

  Ditch999 10:37 30 Apr 2008

Perhaps a fresh install with the telephone activation as suggested by gengiscant?

  Terry Brown 10:44 30 Apr 2008

First download BELARC to get the windows activation codes currently on your machine (print off). Change the Activation code to the one on the Cd by this method. click here and that should cure the problem.

  Demora 11:25 30 Apr 2008

Thanks for this I also may need this info


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