activating xp

  fitcher 21:40 05 Feb 2003

I am worried that if I pack the web in how would I activate xp .has anyone done it

  Installer. 21:43 05 Feb 2003

There is a phone option, not tried it.

  odb 21:45 05 Feb 2003

web should be to register it not activate, if not.... activate then don't use the web

  GORAL 21:52 05 Feb 2003

You don't make it clear fitcher - is your Win XP activated now or not. If so you don't have to use the web.

If you mean some future activation when you no longer have access to the web then Installer is right - there is a phone option.

  Pauper 22:02 05 Feb 2003

The phone option will work fine as long as everything is valid, mine never activated from the web at all so it was the only option available to me. Didn't get any problems when I re-activated again by phone a few months later after a reload.

  odb 22:04 05 Feb 2003

i had to use phone...never worked on web

  DieSse 22:25 05 Feb 2003

Phone or web - both are equally OK.

  fitcher 22:28 05 Feb 2003

thanks everyone I only wanted to know if I could activate by phone .you have been helpfull .is it a long number they give you .did you write it down .or sat by the computer with the phone in hand .being that I have registered on line do they have a record of that .do you have to phone america or uk .thanks again

  odb 22:42 05 Feb 2003

long set of digits. either write it or sit by pc. its in the uk

  Sir Radfordin™ 00:02 06 Feb 2003

Ring the freephone number it gives, you type in the long code and it reads one back. Best to do it sat next to the PC.

  Switcher 00:22 06 Feb 2003

Not being an XP user can someone tell me what this activation thing is.

Looks like another reason for staying with win98se.

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