Activating Windows XP again....

  ikle_pixie 23:43 14 Mar 2003

If you've already done it once and have had to format.

Is it just as simple as phoning the automated line again and taping in the numbers? It generates new numbers everytime doesnt it?

  Djohn 23:51 14 Mar 2003

I had to re-activate, *Word* the other day, I had only put in extra memory and a new graphics card!

A message came on screen informing me of changes to my system, I was online at the time and just clicked on activate, and thats all there was to it. Never noticed anything at all. J.

  ikle_pixie 00:02 15 Mar 2003

Oh good. Cheers for sure it'll work the same when i phone through. (This pc isnt connected to the internet.)

  Forum Editor 08:33 15 Mar 2003

you may well get a recorded voice telling you that your copy of Windows has been activated before, and you may have to speak to a human being.

There shouldn't be any problem if this happens - just explain what you've done, they're used to it.

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