Activate Windows! Help

  Adz1310 17:05 26 Sep 2005

Anyone know what I can do.
I have booted my laptop uptoday and it says I need to activate windows. Though I thought I already had! Though when the activate screen comes up it doesnt load properly. It is just a box with two 'internet' pictures looking like they are loading. though it has been like that for the last 30 mins! anyone any suggestions.

  reece1705 17:07 26 Sep 2005

try to boot into safe mode. u can ccess windows from there. on't know if it will help you though.

  Adz1310 17:12 26 Sep 2005

how do i get into safe mode?

  VoG II 17:13 26 Sep 2005
  reece1705 17:13 26 Sep 2005

when your computer first turns on press and hold (what is usually) F8. If that doesn't work try pressing it repeatedly.

  oursoulsdad 21:30 26 Sep 2005

Adz - it won't help, but I had the same problem. When the damn thing finally loaded, it said that it wanted to reactivate because I had made so many hardware changes - which I had not. Anyway, it requried me to telephone a free number, type my present activations as shown on the screen, then gave me a new activation to type in. Annoying but simple.

The advantage of booting in safe mode is that it stoppped a lot of the other programs starting, and I think it is these that the activation program is interfering with - hence 30 minutes etc.

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