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  Pesala 18:38 06 Apr 2003

Every time I close the menu on the BBC One News in RealOne Player it get the above error message and have to close the window. Does anyone know a workaround or solution for this problem?

I am using Windows ME

  Pesala 23:08 07 Apr 2003

Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable.


Please try the following:

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

If you have visited this page previously and you want to view what has been stored on your computer, click File, and then click Work Offline.

For information about offline browsing with Internet Explorer, click the Help menu, and then click Contents and Index.

Internet Explorer

  Pesala 11:32 12 Apr 2003

Every time I close the menu on the BBC One News in RealOne Player it get the above error message and have to close the window.

  powerless 11:44 12 Apr 2003

Close what menu?

I have RP open and the BBC is a page.

What menu you talking about?

  Pesala 13:49 13 Apr 2003

Go to BBC News Home Page: click here

Click on BBC One TV News: click here to view the news in RealOne Player.

Click on the link that says "Click here to close this window."

Do you also get an error message in the lower windows?

  powerless 13:54 13 Apr 2003

No i do not.

I'm watching it right now.

  Djohn 15:15 13 Apr 2003

Me neither, watching it now, works fine, even on 56k dial up. J.

  Pesala 15:49 13 Apr 2003

Powerless, when I click to close the menu, a second window opens in the bottom pane with the error message. I can click to close that window, but then I have to resize the top window: click here

I can then continue to watch the News, after the video restarts from the beginning.

  Djohn 16:23 13 Apr 2003

Sorry, but still no problem. J.

  powerless 16:52 13 Apr 2003


At the moment i have Realplayer closed.

If i click "(Video) BBC TV News Latest" It opens up a small realplayer window. Within that window i see the video and play/stop etc controls.

So i do not get "Click here to close this window."

Have you tried within Realplayer accesing the BBC site.

Open up RP and then hover the mouse over "NEWS" and then click "BBC NEWS".

The BBC page will open in RP and when you click "(Video) BBC TV News Latest" it should play above.

  Pesala 17:58 13 Apr 2003

Tried that. Starts with two windows open. Clicked on BBC news link in bottom window. News opened in the top. Clicked on close here to hide window. No error this time, but I still have to close the bottom window and resize the player. So it take much longer than my other method. Thanks for trying, but problem still not resolved.

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