AcroRD32exe for opening zip files

  holligan 20:28 11 Nov 2003

i need it to open downloaded games.any ideas how i can get 98se.cheers

  VoG II 20:31 11 Nov 2003

Acrord32.exe is Acrobat Reader which is for opening PDF files - so something strange is going on! You can get Acrobat Reader from click here

To open zip files you need a program like WinZip click here

  leo49 20:31 11 Nov 2003

You certainly don't need it to open zip files - it's Acrobat Reader. You must have your zip files wrongly associated.

  holligan 08:10 12 Nov 2003

ACRORD32 caused an invalid page fault in
module ACRORD32.EXE at 0167:00453102.
Registers: but keeps now saying ilegal opertion and will close down

  Gongoozler 09:02 12 Nov 2003

Hi holligan. Do you have the latest version of Acrabat Reader? Version 6 is on the latest PC Advisor cover disk. Also, under what circumstances are you getting this error message? As said in earlier postings, Acrord32 is the Adobe Acrobat reader and is only used for reading PDF files.

  holligan 09:06 12 Nov 2003

its says plug in failed then acro will close down

  Jester2K II 09:17 12 Nov 2003

Please be more specific. Lots of hints at whats going on and not enough concrete info. Remeber we're not there and can't see exactly what you are doing.

When does the error occur? When you DOWNLOAD or RUN the downloaded games? What are the EXACT file names (ie Have you installed WinZip?

  holligan 20:25 12 Nov 2003

just acabat,,, starts to download.then when finished it says plug in failed to innizie.and then i get nothing it was ok.had 2 virus got rid of them .

  Jester2K II 20:33 12 Nov 2003

What is the file you are trying to download? Name or website address please?

  Gongoozler 20:47 12 Nov 2003

holligan, what is confusing us is that if you are downloading a game Acrobat shouldn't be involved. If the game is a zipped file, then you need to have a zip utility such as Winzip, which is also on this months PC Advisor cover disk. The only time ACRORD32 should be involved is if you are downloading a manual or similar document. If a zipped file is trying to open using ACRORD32, then your computer has got it's file associations wrong, and you need to reassociate .zip files with your zip utility. If you install Winzip, this will associate the zip files correctly.

  holligan 22:13 12 Nov 2003

its just several games from the main comp mag you know any good ones to ive not a lot of space tetris types.i will download winzip now.

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