Acronis - what is it all about?

  silverous 11:09 16 Sep 2006

I've heard several mentions of Acronis 'round these parts.

Obviously I can browse their website but I'd like to hear from people using it how they use it, why it's good.

Do you backup files or take an image?

Do you use external hard disks or extra internal ones?

I have been shamefully slack in backing up my PC but there are some important files and emails on it I wouldn't want to lose.... now is the time to take action!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:13 16 Sep 2006

It takes a complete image of your drive which can be resdtored in a short time. ou can also schedule the back ups or just back up certain folders. IMHO an external HD should be used as it is bonkers to back up to an internal drive for obvious reasons. If you only want to back up documents thena 2Gb memory stick (25 squid or thereabouts) is cheaper and easier.


  De Nada 11:26 16 Sep 2006

Been using acronis for a while,ihave a spare drive that came from my old machine,(internal)and once a month i do a full backup of drives C & D, i dont bother with increments,i run all my cleanup software then copy it across,then delete the last backup i created the month before,had no problems atall.

  €dstowe 11:36 16 Sep 2006

As above. Used Acronis for years.

I'm known on here for nagging people to back up their machines.

If you have naything of the least importance on your computer it is VITAL that you have it backed up. Don't go with the attitude "it will never happen to me" because sooner or later it will. Let's hope it's not sooner, before you get fixed up.

DO IT - NOW!!!!!!

  €dstowe 11:37 16 Sep 2006

naything = anything.


  stylehurst 13:23 16 Sep 2006

I'd also used Acronis for many years, and wouldn't be without it. It has rescued my system on many occasions. Like De Nada I back up my system and program files on a monthly basis to an external USB drive. I also do not bother with incremental backups. My data files which are on a separate partition are backed up daily on an incremental basis.
One suggestion, on completion of a new image. Always verify the image.

  woodchip 13:39 16 Sep 2006

With Acronis You can Restore Windows and all your Software as at the time you made the Image thuse wipping any Virus or Problems from the Hard Disc. It Does "Not Repair Faulty Hardware"

  silverous 21:15 16 Sep 2006

Sounds good. My HDD is reported as 275 GB. So I was thinking a 300GB external drive will be more than enough. In fact I've got 101GB free.

If you store an 'image' presumably you can't restore individual files, it is all or nothing?

I think I saw an external drive for 70odd quid that was 300GB.

  woodchip 21:20 16 Sep 2006

Yes you can odd files back even using my above method

  anskyber 21:25 16 Sep 2006

I use Acronis with an external HDD. Its very impressive.

  silverous 21:32 16 Sep 2006

So what's the difference image vs individual files being backed up - is there one?

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