acronis try and decide

  chippy+ 21:00 16 Sep 2008

hi has anyone uesed acronis try and decide looking for opinions thanks CHIPPY

  woodchip 21:42 16 Sep 2008

Don't know what you are on about unless you mean try the Program, then make your mind up if you want to buy it. I already Maid mine up long ago.

Best thing EVER, brought out to save all that reloading

  csqwared 21:51 16 Sep 2008

In version 11 there is a new included bit which lets you install software, try it, and if it don't work goes back to your original settings.

See here click here

And I agree with you, I wouldn't be without mine.

  woodchip 22:00 16 Sep 2008

I am am with you now on the above, like System Restore. But I don't now do things like loading programs just to try. Plus I only use Acronis for making Images. All the Extra they can keep as the more you put on the Drive including this so called Roll back alters and can mess up you Partition and Drive. I left all that Behind years ago. And just use the Computer for what its made for. Keep it simple is my motto, then less problems

  chippy+ 22:30 16 Sep 2008

hi woodchip
Don't know what you are on about :what i am on about is i allready backup 4 pc's with acronis 10 and hve done for years now i did notice acronis 11 has try and decide and was asking if anyone had tried it and asked nicely for an opinion thanks Chippy

  woodchip 22:36 16 Sep 2008

Yes but I did not Know about, what You was On about, thats why I asked the Question

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