Acronis True Image Recovery Test - How?

  William-336251 12:51 30 Jan 2006

I have recently purchased an external hard drive and True Image v8. I have created a recovery disk as recommended and created an image of my hard drive. The image has been checked using the virtual drive option.

All is well with my laptop but I would like to test the recovery disk to ensure I don't encounter any problems should I need to use it.

Could someone tell me how to boot from the disk and what I should do to check that the image, without actually affecting the data sitting on the hard drive.


  mattyc_92 15:37 30 Jan 2006

You can check it in Windows....

Simply open up True Image and select "Check Image" option... Select the image and you are away....

  Simsy 15:46 30 Jan 2006

boot from the disc you have made.

It isn't a "clone" of the drive, but rather a file that represents a "clone" of the drive.

The program True Image deciphers the file, and replaces the existing contents of the drive with the "clone" that's "in" the file.

The best you can do is to check the image as suggested by mattyc_92. Note that this is NOT the same as checking the contents using the virtual drive... but having said that I'm not sure which is the better option!

Hope this makes sense.



  absent 15:52 30 Jan 2006

Set pc bios to boot from cd, insert the recovery cd and continue booting and you should be taken into the recovery options. I can`t remember exactly how far you can go after this without doing the restore but you should be able to get to an option to select an image. Then you can cancel.

  Simsy 15:53 30 Jan 2006

I've just re-read this, and I think I may have misunderstood your reference to "recovery disc"...

I thought you meant you'd made an image on CD, or DVD, and you wanted to boot from it. If you DID mean that, then my post above applies...

However, if you didn't, and you've created a CD to BOOT from, then the secret is to be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive. This is something that you do in the BIOS. How you do it, exactly, varies according to the motherboard/BIOS.

It's often accessed by pressing DEL during the initial start up.

If you give details of your motherboard/BIOS I'm sure someone else here will be able to give more specific advice.

Good luck, and apologies for any confusion I may have caused!



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