Acronis True Image Home 9

  MICKY BOY 11:47 24 Sep 2006

Hi All,

Have just bought a external Western Digital Hardrive. And find the software that came with it hard to use, Retrospect 6.5. So have downloaded a trial version of Acronis True Image Home 9.
But cannot find a way of backing up to my external drive “F” it will backup onto my computers hardrive OK, but I wish to have a backup separate so that if my computer crashes again I can do a full system backup.
Can anybody advise on how to backup to an external drive using Acronis or can you recommend a better backup software.



  anskyber 11:52 24 Sep 2006

If you go through the process of making an image (assuming your external is plugged in and switched on) the wizard will ask you to select where the image should be made you then choose "F" drive.

  anskyber 11:55 24 Sep 2006

When you get to the bit where it asks you will see the usual tree in the left hand side. My Computer should be there and if you click on the + sign your external HDD will be listed, select it.

  rawprawn 11:56 24 Sep 2006

In my opinion there is no better backup utility than Acronis. Where are you having a problem? Follow the wizard until you get to "Backup Archive Location" Highlight your "F Drive" Name it at the bottom "F Acronis Backup" or what you want and there should be no problem

  Input Overload 12:18 24 Sep 2006

I do Acronis images on to one of my hard drive partitions, & once a week I then copy an image onto my external hard drive into the 'Images Folder', which takes less than 10 mins. I keep several images on my hard drive partition but just a couple on my external hard drive for times of disaster. I think Acronis True Image is a must have program, brilliant.

  MICKY BOY 12:20 24 Sep 2006


Backed up to F disk OK thanks

My WD hardrive has an automatic backup button that you press as you work, to backup files that have already been placed on that external drive. Can you still use Acronis in the same way. This is all new to me so I am unsure.



  anskyber 12:29 24 Sep 2006

I do not have a WD so I need to exercise caution. The whole point of Acronis is that you can back up everything, in fact regular incremental back ups will keep things up to date and then do a new full back up if you are getting too many incrementals.

Depending on your usage and the importance of your data a weekly incremental and a monthly full new back up might do. You need to decide from your use of the PC.

Just remember though that if you keep data (or whatever) on your WD then you need to back that up. I use my "C" drive for the usuall stuff and back everything up to the external.

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