Acronis True Image Home 2009 and Windows 7

  Drusen 18:03 05 Dec 2010

Three questions:

The first is, I suspect, a daft one; but am I right in thinking that ATI 2009 will not work on a laptop running Windows 7? Would I need to buy the latest version or could I install 2009 and then an upgrade?

I use ATI 2009 to create images of my 4-yr-old desktop's HDD (running Windows XP, 250Gb HDD, 73Gb of space used). When I first started using ATI, I'm sure the image took about an hour to create. It now takes about 6 hours. Is this normal? Any ideas why it takes so long?

Has anyone used Macrium Reflect Free and is it any good? If it is okay, I could use this on my laptop instead of shelling out for Acronis.


  GaT7 18:11 05 Dec 2010

According to Microsoft v2009 will be OK click here with both 32 & 64-bit versions of Win7 (You can check for any other software/hardware compatibility at click here.)

By the way, I don't think you can use the same ATI2009 product code on both your desktop & laptop, so you will need to get another one if you decide to stick with ATI.

I haven't used MRF (click here) but it appears to be OK. Why don't you give it a try? Here are some tutorials you may find useful click here. G

  Drusen 18:34 05 Dec 2010

Thanks, that's really useful.

Would it be possible to create a partition on my laptop's HDD and then use the ATI's bootable CD to write an image of my desktop's HDD to it?

  GaT7 18:54 05 Dec 2010

Yes, assuming you have only one partition on your laptop's HDD, you can create another partition on it with the help of the free GPartEd click here. It will also do it without affecting the OS partition, but will be wise to backup the latter in case it goes wrong.

But why would you want to write an image of your desktop to this new partition? As another backup? How will you be connecting the two systems/drives?


Btw, the increase in the time it takes you to create an image now could be down to the size of the backup increasing, couldn't it? I'm not sure if 6hrs is too much for 73Gb though. Where do you create the images to? Is the target drive decreasing in space, which may be another reason for the slowdown (click here)? G

  woodchip 19:08 05 Dec 2010

You can boot with the CD in any Version and create a Image or Restore it

  Drusen 20:49 05 Dec 2010

Thanks for your replies, G and Woodchip.

I don't think I'll be creating another partition. I'm not sure what I was thinking of there.

The target drive that I use for the back up is a 250Gb external HDD. It has two back ups on it (a sort of father and grandfather arrangement). They take turns in being the most recent/recent back up. I believe the back ups are about 62Gb each, so the disk is about half full. Would this account for the slowdown (i.e. 6 hours)?

  GaT7 21:23 05 Dec 2010

No, half full is fine so it's unlikely that that's the problem.

One wonders how long it takes others with ATI & a similar amount of data to backup via an external USB drive - I'm sure people must be backing up a lot more. We'll have to wait for someone with the relevant ATI experience to post.

I think if you were to connect the target drive directly via IDE/SATA (non-USB), it would do it a lot sooner.

The most I've ever backed-up using an imaging program is 7-8Gb, which contains only the OS & programs - this takes about 15-20 minutes I think. Data resides on another partition & is backed-up the good old-fashioned way of simply copying & pasting to another drive. G

  User-312386 21:29 05 Dec 2010

I use Acronis true image 2009 and I back up my HDD (about 200GB of data) religiously once a week with a full image to my internal 500GB drive and it takes about an hour and a half. So six hours via usb 2 sounds about right.

  woodchip 21:30 05 Dec 2010

Slow Down For a USB yes,

PS I may be wrong, but if that is size of info on the drive I would say that's why its slow

  woodchip 21:33 05 Dec 2010

Took me a lot longer than that to create my first Samsung Netbook Image. with it only having a Atom CPU I had to leave it running when I went to bed, switched it of about 5am after it had done

  Drusen 22:52 06 Dec 2010

Thanks for your replies.

So, it takes so long to back up because it's an external USB2 HDD. Oh, well.

I'll leave this open, in case anybody else has any thoughts. If none are forthcoming, I'll mark this post down as being resolved.

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