Acronis True Image Home 10

  Border View 09:21 13 Feb 2007

Can anyone tell me when you use Acronis True Image Home 10 you can burn your backup to DVD or do you need an external hard drive?

Need this information before I go ahead and download.

  Technotiger 09:22 13 Feb 2007

Hi, yes you can do either.

  Border View 09:35 13 Feb 2007

Many thanks Technotiger

  David4637 14:36 13 Feb 2007

On the earlier Acronis versions you had to format the disc (UDF I think it was called). Can you burn direct to non UDF DVD's with V10?

  Technotiger 15:11 13 Feb 2007

Hi, Supported Storage Media for V10 ...

1. Hard disk drives
2. Networked storage devices
3. FTP servers
4. CD-R/RW (CD/RW also known as CD/UDF)(UDF = Universal Disk Format), DVD-R/RW, DVD+R(Incl DoubleLayer), DVD+RW, DVD-RAM
5. Also other storage devices Cards/Floppy/ZIP/Jaz.

I can find nothing in the V10 comprehensive instructions which mentions disk formatting.

  FatboySlim71 15:43 13 Feb 2007

I have Acronis True Image 10, although I have never tried to burn my backup to dvd, I always backup to my external hard drive.

I can remember reading somewhere, it may have been on the Acronis True Image forum, that they recommended it was better to backup to an external hard drive rather than a dvd as the external hard drive is a more secure backup device and it is faster to backup to an external hard drive as well. So it may be a good idea for you to purhase an external hard drive, I would definately recommend it.

Below is the link to the Acronis True Image forum, it may be a good idea for you to register on there (its free) as there is a vast amount of questions and answers and also there are some very knowledable forum members on there, I know they helped me out massively when I was on the verge of buying Acronis True Image 10 and shortly after with using it etc.

click here

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