Acronis True Image HELP..

  hotwired 21:04 14 Jul 2003

I have this strange issue with Acronis true image and I have my image disappeared with out a trace??

Well the config of my system is windows xp pro running on C: I have created a image via Acronis on I: second hard drive if u double click the I: drive you can see the image file has been completed . I right clicked my I: drive to find it heavily defragged I ran the disk defragmenter to find all the data GONE?
This has happened twice now... I have tried on another partition of the second hard drive but same issue...

Can anyone help?

  Gaz 25 21:13 14 Jul 2003

Can you defrag images?

  The Spires 21:13 14 Jul 2003

Most strange indeed, have you installed the lastest build of true image as they have been fiddling around with it recently. click here

  hotwired 21:23 14 Jul 2003

I have the most recent update installed , getting support out of Acronis, Inc. is like getting blood out of stone, I may have to try Norton Ghost or Powerquest Drive Image.

Any suggestions?

  jazzypop 21:33 14 Jul 2003

An image of a disc is just that - an exact copy.

Re-ordering the contents of an image (defragging) results in a file that is no longer an image - it is now a jumbled mess.

Defrag the source drive before imaging is the answer.

  hotwired 21:48 14 Jul 2003

Jazzypop well i have learnt this the hard way , but it just show why is this not in the Manual.(or is it ?-i havent read it)
well i did defrag the C: drive b4 the image was created..

so can i take it that i should not touch the Image partition

  The Spires 21:53 14 Jul 2003

I defrag my drive(s) with TrueImage 'images' on without problem.

  hotwired 22:00 14 Jul 2003

Can u tell me what version are u running so i can take it up with Acronis

  Gaz 25 20:06 15 Jul 2003

Right, I am considering buying this too.

So waht data do you lose the Image or the HDD>?

  hotwired 20:10 15 Jul 2003

well u loose the image completly and thier support service sucks went and bought power quest drive image 8 it work fine

  Gaz 25 20:11 15 Jul 2003

Ohhhh, Might get powerquest then.

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