Acronis True Image and DVDs

  Ancient Learner 20:39 31 Jul 2005

I am trying out Acronis before ditching Ghost.

I don't seem to be able to get it to use DVDs. It simply opens the drawer and asks for a CD.

I have the personal edition v 8.

Is there a way to put images onto DVD or is that not possible? Or does it need the 'paid' edition as does the scheduling.

I would have thought that if it can use CDs, why not DVDs.

  woodchip 20:45 31 Jul 2005

Yes when you make a image save to other partition then burn it to DVD

  €dstowe 20:48 31 Jul 2005

I would never entrust a backup to a flaky medium like a DVD (or a CD for that matter).

  Ancient Learner 20:53 31 Jul 2005

Thank you for your speady reply.

I fully understand that.

Now the reason for doing this is to recover from a bad PC failure. So I boot from the 6 floppies that I have now made, and boot up the PC, will I then be able to use the DVDs (There will be two of them) by simply putting them in the drive or what?

  Ancient Learner 20:59 31 Jul 2005

I couldn't agree more if it was my only back up. I already have an image on my second HD so this is a belt and braces job.

Mind you, I sometimes think that all electronic storage is 'flakey' otherwise why are we on about back ups. And then. the printed page also has its problems, such as fire, water, poor quality ink and paper and so on. There comes a time when 'hope' is the only thing to fall back on after one has done ones best.

  woodchip 21:00 31 Jul 2005

Yes that's how it works, just have the first DVD in when you boot with floppy disc

  Ancient Learner 21:09 31 Jul 2005

Great. Thank you.

  Chegs ® 21:20 31 Jul 2005

I gave up on TI as it doesn't recognise SATA,and I wouldn't be surprised to find it cannot "see" DVD's either.

  woodchip 21:24 31 Jul 2005

The only way is to try it as soon as you have made it

  Ancient Learner 21:53 31 Jul 2005

Both my HD are SATA drives. It seems to copy an image OK from one to the other. Whether it will restore an image I do not know. That is to try tomorrow.

It all seems very touch and go to me. After all this technology is hardly new is it. I would have thought that it would have been sorted by now. Ghost isn't right with DVDs either.

If there is a problem with SATA drives, it is in good company, because, as far as I know, XP doesn't yet contain the drivers either.

  Wuggy 12:07 01 Aug 2005

I have a new PC with 2 SATA HDD's. I was able to create image of C drive to D drive but wouldn't run when booting from bootable CD. After checking on Acronis forums downloaded trial version of latest build 903, installed and created boot disk fom that version and can now boot into trueImage program, check image etc. I have taken it up to the point of 1 click left to restore image but stopped there as I did not wish to go further. However I am as satisfied as I can be that image will restore when (if) required. It appears that the original boot disk problem was due to SATA drives but this has been resolved in latest build.

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