Acronis True Image concern

  Pineman100 19:20 13 Apr 2007

I've just installed Acronis True Image 8.0 to run under XP SP2 Home.

While I was creating my first C: drive image on an external backup HDD, I got a report: "Failed to read from sector 28,704,456. Retry/Ignore/Ignore All/Cancel"

I clicked Retry a couple of times, but got the same report, so I clicked Ignore.

Creation of the drive image then carried on, and at the end I received the report "Image creation has succeeded".

I believe that hard drives quite often have one or two flaws that result in bad sectors. Is the above report something I should worry about, or do you think it's quite normal?

The C: drive is a 200GB in a Packard Bell computer that's about a year old.

Thanks for any advice.

  johndrew 19:47 13 Apr 2007

I must admit I have never had such a message whilst using ATI. It does sound like a HDD problem but whether it would affect the recovery function I`m not certain. Have you validated the archive? If so did it come up successful?

  Totally-braindead 19:54 13 Apr 2007

Have you perhaps tried running a disk check on your drives to see if there are bad sectors?

Its a bit time consumming I'm afraid as it has to scan all sectors of the drives.

  hastelloy 20:18 13 Apr 2007

I recently had a similar problem but Acronis never managed to finish a back up. Had to replace HDD. I downloaded the manufacturers (in my case Western Digital) diagnostic software and that confirmed that the HDD was faulty.

  Simsy 20:18 13 Apr 2007

problem, last year, I ran the disc checking utility from the HDD manufacturer, and sure enough the HDD was failing. I was able to get it replaced under warranty.

I suggest you do the same, just in case.

Good luck,



  johndrew 20:21 13 Apr 2007

To see if the archive is functional with the `error` message you could ask Acronis. Easy way to get there is to open ATI select `Help/About` and click on the `submit your request` link.

  woodchip 20:46 13 Apr 2007

Try exploring the Image. In Windows Explorer, if it's corrupt it will say so. If it gives a Drive letter to close right click and choose unplug

  Quiet Life 14:28 14 Apr 2007

I would also start up with the ATI start up disc and cofirm that your external drive shows up.

  Pineman100 13:54 17 Apr 2007

Many thanks to everyone for all your advice.

Here's an update on the situation:

I have booted ATI from the Rescue CD and verified the ATI image on my external backup HDD. This was reported as successful. So I presume (and please tell me if I'm wrong) that I can relax in the knowledge that if my HDD crashed totally, I have a complete system backup from which to restore.

I have downloaded Seagate's Seatools For Windows software and run a Short Test on the hard drive - this reported "Failed".

I have therefore downloaded the Seatools for DOS version which creates a bootable CD, and includes a repair function. The next recommended action is to run a Long Test, which analyses every drive sector. However, I'm a little uncertain about what to do if this reports a bad sector (as seems likely). Apparently Seatools can repair (or relocate) sectors, but I'm worried that if I OK this procedure, I might lose critical data.

Does anyone know whether Seatools will guide me reliably as to whether I should or should not allow it to try and repair a bad sector?

Sorry to sound ignorant about these things.

  keef66 13:58 17 Apr 2007

I'm in the same boat as you; TI creates the backup but I get the same error message about unable to read from...

the backup is valid, but I'm thinking I need to be replacing the hdd asap

Few HDD diagnostics next!

  iscanut 15:03 17 Apr 2007

Have you run the verify function to confirm integrity of the backup ?

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