Acronis True Image Bootable Disc

  SURVEY 19:10 15 Apr 2007

Just bought Acronis TI Version 10 from Amazon and updated from the Acronis website. I realise that the program disc is a bootable disc to get one into the Recovery Environment if the Operating System is not available. I also tried to create a bootable disc myself via the TI program. Each time and whatever CD I use it reports an Error that the drive is busy or that there are already files on the disc etc etc, even though these are new formatted CDR’s of different makes. However I can make an ISO image from the TI program and then burn that to a disc. Why can I do one and not the other? Any ideas?

  Technotiger 20:28 15 Apr 2007

Hi, why do you feel the need to create a bootable disc when you already have the Acronis CD? I am only guessing, but perhaps the Creation of a bootable disc is only possible with the downloaded version of ATI.

I too use ATI10, the downloaded version, made a bootable disc without any problems.

  skidzy 20:42 15 Apr 2007

Hi Survey

This is probably media failure.

Try running ccleaner click here and reboot before making the rescue media boot disk.

Ive just made the bootable disk and it works fine,also once made check your bios is set to boot from cd first and not hdd.

You do not need to burn the iso image to make this disk bootable...well i didnt.

  Technotiger 20:52 15 Apr 2007

Hi, as a matter of interest, have you made your bootable disc using the Acronis CD, or using the Acronis downloaded version?

  skidzy 21:02 15 Apr 2007

Hi Techno.

I have the same as Survey bought from Amazon.I also know its a bootable disc but made the bootdisk anyway,tried and tested and works fine.

  Technotiger 21:21 15 Apr 2007

Thanks - so now I know my theory in my first response here was rather doolali what!! Still learning ...

  pj123 21:26 15 Apr 2007

What is this obsession with Acronis which has to be paid for.

I use xxclone which is free and as far as I am concerned does the same job as Acronis.

  skidzy 21:29 15 Apr 2007

No probs techno.

Im guessing survey is trying to make a bootdisk in case the original disc is lost or mislaid.

Not doolali at all,others may think this also,if you dont may never know. :-))

  Technotiger 21:29 15 Apr 2007

Hi, fine, each to his own. Be a pretty miserable World if we were all exactly the same ... :-))

  skidzy 21:34 15 Apr 2007

You may well be right regarding xxclone,however after extensive research (Acronis) i believe this to be the very best out there for the general home user.

Though my experience is limited at the moment with Acronis,ive found it very straight forward.

Xxclone,ive never used it and may well be very good.

After several months of reading up on Acronis,especially within this forum,i have decided to try this with my new machine.

Later this year i plan on building another pc and will load nothing but freebies (except the os of course) and may try xxclone and various other software out there that interests me.

  pj123 21:54 15 Apr 2007

Technotiger, agree pretty miserable.

But people come on this site asking for help.

Cloning hard drives seems to be a popular subject and most responses seem to be Acronis.

But it doesn't need to be. They can clone a hard drive for free using xxclone.

I use it and have never had a problem.

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