Acronis True Image Boot disk

  BRYNIT 12:35 11 Jan 2007

Creating a boot disk for S-ATA drive.

I have a Medion 8818 computer which has a S-ATA hard drive partitioned C:\Window XP media centre (NTFS) D:\ (fat32)

I have created a backup of my C drive to an external usb HD.

Using the TI boot disk or allowing TI to boot into dos, TI is unable to find my internal S-ATA HD. After contacting Acronis I was directed to a web page to download an ISO boot file, after burning to CD and booting from this disk I still have the same problem.

Any suggestions on creating a boot disk for TI or even Norton Ghost would be appreciated.

  mattyc_92 15:18 11 Jan 2007

Try using 'BartPE'
You can then use your Windows drivers instead of the Linux ones....

You can get 'BartPE' from click here (DIRECT LINK..... 3.2MB file-size approx)

  BRYNIT 20:02 11 Jan 2007


Thank you for the suggestion. I tried BartPE but could not quite understand how it worked even after three days of reading various web pages. The information could be there but I seem to be unable to understand it. It could also be I know very little about S-ATA drives and the drivers required.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  Input Overload 20:15 11 Jan 2007

What version TI are you using, I had problems with version 9 (boot disc) finding my SATA drive, but I had no problems with version 8 which I went back to. Later I upgraded to version 10 which is fine.

  BRYNIT 22:31 11 Jan 2007

Input Overload

I have tried TI 9 and down also down loaded TI 10 trial. After creating a boot disk and booting into TI If I click on backup or recovery I get the message E000101F4: Acronis True Image has not found any hard drives.

  woodchip 22:57 11 Jan 2007

The problem is that Sata as to be seen by the BIOS. And I don't think it is. You could try finding drivers for the MOBO or PCI card if it's running from one, and load them so BIOS can seethe drive

  woodchip 22:58 11 Jan 2007

PS not knowing much on this score, but it may not have had the drivers loaded, and may just be using XP generic ones

  mattyc_92 14:40 12 Jan 2007

You should have a floppy disc with the SATA drivers on....
Copy these files to the 'Drivers' directory for BartPE. Also copy the 'BartPE' folder in the Acronis installation directory (default c:\program files\acronis\trueimage) to the 'Plugins' directory for BartPE.
Then simply supply your Windows Installation disc to BartPE and it will create a bootable CD for you!

  BRYNIT 16:20 12 Jan 2007


Thank you for your suggestion.

Medion computers do not have a FDD so no driver on floppy. However I have found the drivers on the D: drive and have tried your suggestion but when BartPE is creating the boot disk I keep getting warnings messages re missing files this problem could be due to Windows being an OEM version. I've eventually got these down to three missing files 1 nvraid.sys 2 Si3112r.sys and 3 Viamraid.sys . I have been able to find all the file missing but BartPE for some reason can not.

Any suggestions on where I could place these files to help BartPE find these files and possibly create the boot disk.

  woodchip 18:35 12 Jan 2007

You can buy a USB floppy, as I did for my Medion Laptop. click here

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