Acronis True Image big problems

  Mike D 11:35 16 Sep 2005

I know that this has been asked in the past, but perhaps new suggestions are out there.

I have True Image Deluxe (from mag coverdisk). I have religiously backed up my stuff. Needed to use it in anger for the first time yesterday. I had a problem with Windows (XP Home sp2) refusing to go past the splash screen, so I eventually reluctantly tried to boot from the TI bootable CD that I had prepared - no joy True Image splash screen loads then screen goes black and nothing. I also happened to have prepare bootable floppies, tried these, same result.

Reinstalled Windows, tried to use True Image from there and it tells me to reboot from CD or floppies, with the same results. The image is on a second HDD and I can see the image, so I know it's there.

Any suggestions please, I have an awful lot of stuff that I do not want to lose.

Thanks in desparate anticipation

  rawprawn 12:04 16 Sep 2005

Not that it is a great deal of help but I run True Image 7 and have no problems at all. I use "Acronis Secure Zone" as the favoured backup that way all you need to do is hit F11 on boot.I know that there is a warning on mine that if you don't use a "Password" when creating CD's the backup may not work properly. I have found Acronis support very helpfull in the past, and I would suggest you contact them with your problem

  Mike D 12:17 16 Sep 2005

Thanks rawprawn, I have passworded the image, so no probs with that, and as per your suggestion I have e-mailed Acronis support.


  The Spires 12:42 16 Sep 2005

How long do you wait when booting from True Image recovery Cd? It can take a good while esp. with slower Pc's for the recovery root menu to appear. There may be error massages as well as a blank screen which can make you think it's not working. Just a thought.

  The Spires 12:49 16 Sep 2005

I meant messages of course :-)

  vinnyT 12:56 16 Sep 2005

Sometimes hitting any key (not too hard) can solve this prob. Don't know why, but try it, nothing to lose.

Also, as spires has said, it can take along time to load, go and have a drink for five minutes and then see if it has done anything.

  Mike D 14:37 16 Sep 2005

Thanks guys. I have left it running for 30 minutes without a glimmer. I will trying pressing a key.

As a matter of interest, I have just received a reply from Acronis; they do not support this version any longer but want me to buy a newer version. I have replied to the effect that I will gladly try a new version, but the "hand washing" of my problem does not help me to recover important data, neither does it inspire me to go out and purchase said new version.


  pip22 14:58 16 Sep 2005

The latest version is available as a free trial download if you visit their website.
http:/click here

  Mike D 15:05 16 Sep 2005


Yes, thanks. But will it enable me to recover my backup image, or am I sunk?


  woodchip 15:17 16 Sep 2005

If you have the True image file on another partition, double click it it will suggest reboot. It then loads into Memory so you do not need to start with the CD or floppy disc's. I have the one off a Mag but it is limited function. i.e will not load a image from external drive although it sees it when I boot. the Image needs to be on another Partition, or buy the full version. I get round it by putting the OS back with XP disc, if I have only got Images on other media. Then when I can get into windows I run as above

  Mike D 15:43 16 Sep 2005

Woodchip, not sure whether I am getting the message.
Are you saying that once I open TI and go through the process of choosing the image to restore I could just double click and then reboot?

My image is on a second internal hdd. I have been able to restore from this disk in the past, but this has been specific folders / files using the image explorer facilty with a
"virtual(?)" drive letter. This is the first and hopefully only time that I have had to try a fulldrive image restoration. As far as I am aware the product is a full one with all the bells and whistles of that version.


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