Acronis True Image, Backing Up, Partition Question

  Major Disaster 21:35 13 Feb 2006


I am thinking of purchasing Acronis True Image to back up my data.

I have 2 250GB HDDs in Raid Mirror configuration and was wondering whether i could use Acronis to parition the drives into 2 (one for normal use, other for backup) and then use Aconris to back up my data to the backup partition. It can do this right?

Then i should be safe as i will effectively have 2 versions of the same back up (raid mirror) for maximum protection. right?

Thanks for the help

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:41 13 Feb 2006

Isn't the mirror disc already a backup.

  Major Disaster 22:09 13 Feb 2006

well only physically, but if windows gows down both dont work, mirror only protects against physical failure (HDD breaks)

  Beas-Knees 22:12 13 Feb 2006

Yes with acronis you can create a secure zone where your back up is safe, a great program which has got me out of a few tricky situations.

  VoG II 22:13 13 Feb 2006

I may be wrong but I thought that RAID mirror configurations were of little benefit for users of home PCs. But isn't it a complete backup? The chances of both HDDs failing simultaneously must be zilch.

  Major Disaster 22:42 13 Feb 2006

Beas-Knees - But can you create, delete and resize partitions or can you reccomend another programme that does that.

VoG™ - Well when i chose my pc it was either RAID Stripping or Mirror and i though for a few extra quid it was the better option. It is a complete backup, physically. But say i got a virus, it would be saved to both HDDs. RAID Mirror only saves against physcial HDD failure, not software malfuncation, so thats why i wanted to find out about Acronis to secure Software malfufction aswell!

  VoG II 23:06 13 Feb 2006

If you backup a drive with a virus, you will backup the virus.

  Major Disaster 23:09 13 Feb 2006

LOL, good point also. But with my virus example i was really linking that also to hardware/software incompatibilites and generally the OS screwing things up!

  woodchip 00:12 14 Feb 2006

if you want to safeguard from not being able to get into windows then get acronis true image. create a backup image of c:\ put it on the other drive. You can then restore the image that you created just to get back into windows. However you still need to do incremental backups of your files, Docs Pictures etc

  Major Disaster 15:22 14 Feb 2006

Ok, so.

I do not have an external HDD, just 2 internal in RAID Mirror.

So i will have to back up to them, but i need to partition it first. Can acronis do this or can you reccomend somehing else?


  woodchip 15:56 14 Feb 2006

I use Acronis Disc Director 10 to do what you want.

click here

and I use Acronis TrueImage 9 for Imaging

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