Acronis True Image 7.0

  bertiecharlie 22:56 13 Jun 2004

OS is XP Home.In Computer Management/Disk Management the disk shows two partitions. A 47mb FAT (EISA Configuration)partition and the (c:) NTFS partition. I've made an image of both these partitions on the Acronis Secure Zone. I am now wondering if I should only have made an image of the (c:) partition as, in Acronis, the box for the FAT partition was originally unticked.

I can't get it to make an image to CD-RWs but, after reading every previous posting about Acronis, I might be better using CD-Rs or getting an external hard disk.

Any advice would be gratefully received although I realise it's a bit late.

  woodchip 23:16 13 Jun 2004

Better still ether get a Extra Internal Hard Drive or DVDRW

  woodchip 23:17 13 Jun 2004

PS no such thing as a 47mb FAT You can have Fat16 or Fat32

  bertiecharlie 23:20 13 Jun 2004


Thanks. The first partition is FAT16 and the 47mb refers to its size.

  woodchip 23:32 13 Jun 2004

What do you use that for? as I cannot understand the us for such a small partition. I have 80Gb partitioned 50% 40% 10%

  woodchip 23:37 13 Jun 2004

PS I have created and am just restoring Image of XP home with Free Acronis Delux to C:\ I saved the file to other partition then copied to DVD

  bertiecharlie 23:46 13 Jun 2004


Its a Dell computer bought in February and this is how the drive has always been set up. There is a bit about EISA click here

Your PS. The trouble is I can't find the file to copy it as that would solve the CD issue.

  woodchip 00:07 14 Jun 2004

You can only create a Image to another Partition that is big enough to put it on or direct to Multiple CDRW's. Are you trying to create a Image of the small Partition? It should be in the Root of C:\ if that is your main Partition look in Explorer for a

*.tib Image

in search

  ternard 00:26 14 Jun 2004

I have had trouble making an image on CD-RW,
Acronis suggested using them unformatted.
But I have no trouble with CD-R

  bertiecharlie 19:41 14 Jun 2004


Thanks. Sorry for the delay - just in from work. I've made the image ok on the Acronis Secure Zone which, as you know, is a secure partition. The image includes the FAT16 partition and the c.NTFS partition. I've checked the image using the Acronis programme and it says it's ok. I can use the "Explore Image" option within the Acronis programme to assign the copy of the c partition a temporary drive letter and view it as a logical drive. It won't let me assign a temporary drive letter to the FAT16 partition.

As I said in the original posting, I'm not sure I should have made a copy of the FAT16 partition. I wonder if it will cause a problem if and when I come to restore the whole image. Mind you, I could just restore the copy of the c partition as it gives you the option of which partitions to restore. I'm thinking that the FAT16 partition with it's EISA configuration includes the files to boot up of the machine but that might just be gobbledigook.

I've done a search for tib files but there is nothing obvious there so I'll go and have a root in the c drive.


Thank you. I'll get somes CD-Rs and try them.

  woodchip 23:01 14 Jun 2004

No it will not be a problem, it will ask you what you want to load if you restore it. It takes you through a step by step to restore

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