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  Astrid 09:07 23 Sep 2009

I've been using Acronis TI as my backup software for two years but recently received messages saying there were errors in the backup - it seemed that certain files in My Documents failed to backup. I've recently bought Acronis True Image 2010 and in the set up it requests that I do a full system backup. Does this mean that I first delete the backups done in the original?, i.e. should I format my D:\ and F:\(external) drives?

  johndrew 09:34 23 Sep 2009

ATI is supposed to be `backward compatible` which means that backups made with an earlier version can be read/used by a later version. I am unaware of anything different with the new version but it could be worth sending ATI an e-mail with the question click here

As for the errors, are you getting them after the backup process or the validation? I have found that corrupt files will cause a validation to fail.

  Astrid 10:37 23 Sep 2009

Hi - Yes, the error messages were on screen after backup. Additionally, my scheduled 10.00 a.m. back up occurred as usual without errors this morning, but when I put up the Acronis screen I get the message that I need to do a full backup. This would mean that I have double the gb's on my hard drive, or would it automatically delete as it goes along? I clicked to ok the full backup to begin with but nothing seemed to be happening and so I closed. If, as it appears, the normally scheduled backups are happening, both to my slave drive, D:\ and my F:\ external, should I ignore anything else?

  Muergo 11:42 23 Sep 2009

Just contact Acronis customer service, it is the very best I have come across, they answer by return and will not let you go until you say you are totally satisfied with your setup.

An example to other sites such as Dell's no answer customer service.

  johndrew 16:19 23 Sep 2009

If you have set a schedule for backups, have you set one for a full backup?

The only reason I can see for the message appearing is that the installation is `new` and therefore is failing to recognise any backups pre-dating the installation.

If you want to do a full backup all you need to do is delete any backup you have which will give space for the new backup. There is no need to format any drives. The simplest way of achieving this is to select the existing file for the location of the backup and when ATI asks if it should be overwritten click `Yes`.

  john bunyan 17:20 23 Sep 2009

Following advice on this forum, I do a non - incremental image backup to an external HD of each of my two partitions on my primary drive, and validate them (this takes quite a time as before this I do a scan with AVG8.5, SAS and MAB, also defrag!)I then delete the previous back up. Then it also takes a long time to defrag the extenal HD. I also have a second slave intenal drive, and I do an Acronis clone on this! In doing so ATI does format the slave before cloning. I have ony had to use the backup once. Perhaps due to the lack of validation brfore I was told about it here , the image route failed. The "reverse clone" worked.

  Astrid 12:55 24 Sep 2009

Thank you for the advice given on this forum. I've now decided, at least for the time being, to let the new version of ATI just carry on from where the former left off, doing incremental backups. The message that I needed to do a full backup doesn't show at present, and I've made the recovery disk. In the meantime I can, as suggested, contact Acronis Technical Support. I appreciate the help given.

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