Acronis True Image

  Chas49 09:55 08 Jul 2008

I have used Acronis to save an image of my 'C' drive on two separate external drives, a Lacie 250meg and the HP Pocket Drive. I both cases I ran the validation routine and in both cases it came up with an error.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm wondering if Acronis has a bug in the validation section - to have the same errors in two separate attempts on different external drives is a bit suspect - or is it?

  Technotiger 09:57 08 Jul 2008

I did a full backup with Acronis11 on Sunday, I ran the Validation routine and it reported all successful.

  Chas49 10:34 08 Jul 2008

Thanks Technotiger - I'm using the same version so a reinstall is called for methinks!

I find it hard to believe that an image recorded to two separate hard disks result in the same fault - it would appear that the software is suspect. I'll uninstall first and then do a clean install, hopefully this will do the trick.

  iscanut 10:55 08 Jul 2008

I used to get errors when verifying the backup, but reduced the speed at which the data was wriiten to disk and have had no problems since. Go into Tools, Options, Default Backup Options, HDD write speed. Try reducing the speed by using the slider. Mine is about 75%. Slower, but works now.

  iscanut 10:59 08 Jul 2008

Sorry, should have said Backup Performance after selecting Fefault Backup Options..I am sure you will find the menu option. Also install latest version which has recently been released.

  UncleP 11:01 08 Jul 2008

Just to note that there was a long thread on this subject in this forum not too long ago
click here

It appears that Acronis TI may incorrectly report validation errors depending on the conditions of use, and some users simply ignore these. But you need to be sure that the backup will work in an emergency, which means either attempting a restore from the image under question, or finding out why the validation error is occurring.

I haven't experienced the problem myself (with TI9), so I can't really help - sorry!

  iscanut 11:27 08 Jul 2008

click here

This link is in the thread noted above by UncleP. As I said, reducing the HDD Write Speed worked for me.

  woodchip 11:45 08 Jul 2008

I find it best if you can to create the Image to a Internal second drive or partition, then copy it to a External USB drive

  Chas49 14:40 08 Jul 2008

Techno, Nuts, UncleP and Woodchip

Reinstalled as I said, made a backup of my 'C' drive, then, instead of doing the validation from Windows I restarted the computer with the Acronis disc and did it from there - it took a heck of a long time but it was (it said) successful.

Perhaps, by doing that way, the speed is reduced (as Nuts said).

I should have done a search - but thanks for that link - I'll read it now.

"Go into Tools, Options, Default Backup Options, HDD write speed. "

Good Idea, I'll do that.

That too is a good idea, I'll try that too - may be quicker in the long run - time will tell.

Many Thanks to all of you -

  Chas49 15:20 08 Jul 2008

UncleP and Nuts:

I have read the post you pointed too. I didn't realise that so many members were having the same problem - clearly a problem for Acronis to solve.

Meanwhile I'll try the solution obtained and provided by Nuts - after all you can always do a backup and busy yourself doing something else whilst it's grinding away.

I'll try Woodchip's method too, I see that I have sufficient space on my 'C' drive but I will use the ATI disk to do the original image.

  iscanut 15:42 08 Jul 2008

Let us know how you get on.

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