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  myanmarboy 12:37 03 May 2008

Just migrated to Vista so please make allowances if I come around a bit.
My pc died and has been replaced with new machine. My backup of the old C/drive is on an external hdd but was made using XP, whereas the new machine is using Vista. Can't get the backup onto my new pc (incompatibility issues). My questions are - 1)do I have to buy new version or pay for upgrade of old True Image (mine is v 9.0) or is there a freebie update for Vista?
2) If I have to buy will the new version allow me to install my backup even though it was made using XP?
All help appreciated. Thanks.

  stylehurst 13:43 03 May 2008

I think you need version 10 of TI as a minimum to be able to work with Vista. This would require an upgrade which is not necessarily free ( depends on your licence).
I assume that what you wish to restore are your data files only, & this should be possible on an individual folder basis. You definitely do not want to restore the whole of your C drive as this would include the XP OS.
Can I suggest that you set up a Data partition on your Vista machine & restore your data files to that partition, it will make things easier in the future.

  myanmarboy 18:53 05 May 2008

Does the partitioning you suggest mean having the OS on one partition and everything else on another? If so, is this possible without formatting my hdd? Will I need 3rd party software? and is it reasonably easy to do?
I am happy to buy the software if needed.
Thanks in advance for sugestions.

  stylehurst 15:41 06 May 2008

What I meant was tro have the OS & Programs on one partition & all your personal data on a another partition.
Setting up a new partition is not too difficult but you MUST use 3rd party software such as Acronis Director Suite or Partition Manager.
These would enable you to split your existing partition without damaging your Vista installation.
You could recover your personal files from your Acronis TI, which would only leave you with the job of installing any other programs you use.

  Pineman100 16:14 07 May 2008

Looking at your original question, I suspect you may be wondering if you can do a full restore of your system image (made under XP) on to your new Vista machine. Is that what you meant?

If so, then you do *not* want to try and do this. If you try and do a full restore, Acronis TI will try to restore your operating system and software as well as your data files on to your new machine.

I know that stylehurst has already said this, but I just felt it needed emphasising!

If you want to get your old *data* files (photos, music, documents, etc) on to your new machine, then - as stylehurst also said - you'll need to put the latest version of ATI on the Vista machine and restore the individual folders.

It's not necessary to partition your hard drive, in order to do this. However, some people do like to keep their software and their data on different partitions. It's up to you.

By the way, are you from Myanmar? If so, the terrible news pictures from there must be very upsetting for you.

  myanmarboy 22:10 08 May 2008

Many thanks for your response. I have ordered a new version of ATI to use with the Vista OS. I think I'd better learn a bit more about how to use it this time.
Did'nt mean to mislead anyone with the nic. I am not from Myanmar but have spent a lot of time in that country and have been back twice in recent years to visit.All the same my asociation with Myanmar make recent events distressing. It is a beautiful country with fantastic people.

  Strawballs 22:21 08 May 2008

I think that you will need Acronis TI11 for vista.

click here

  myanmarboy 22:38 08 May 2008

Thanks Strawballs, that's the one I've ordered.

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