Acronis True Image

  staples printer cartridge 12:27 02 Sep 2006

I back up onto an external hard drive using the above under XP. My HDD are 2x36Gb in RAID 0. Whilst trying to restore an image recently my pc died and it may be my drives. I assume that if I simply replace my drives with identical ones and the Acronis image is not corrupted then I will get back my data. What about if I replace the drives with 2 bigger capacity discs in the same set up? Would this work? What about if I simply replaced them with a single IDE drive would acronis let me restore the image?

  rawprawn 13:04 02 Sep 2006

Have you tried the Acronis Boot disc first?

  FelixTCat 13:13 02 Sep 2006


When you write to a disk, you are sending a stream of data to a channel which Windows and the drive interface firmware translate into data on the disk. Thus your Acronis image neither knows nor cares what disks it is sending the image to.

If you replace the disks in Raid 0 like for like you will end up with a system as previously. If you use larger disks you will end up with a system as previously but with space on the disks.

If you use a single disk, you should have a bootable system but you may have to change boot.ini to point to the new drive and you may have trouble with the Raid drivers. Provided that it is the same motherboard, I don't think you will have authentication problems unless XP thinks it is a new installation.



  staples printer cartridge 15:07 02 Sep 2006

rawprawn - yes to no avail.
Felix, that is a very clear answer thanks. Best of all it is good news!

Thanks to you both

  UncleP 20:08 02 Sep 2006

I would have thought it unlikely that both HDs would have failed simultaneously. Depending on your RAID system, you may have a utility which checks the health of the component disks while booting, and will indicate which needs replacing.

If the original fault occurred during the write process, it may even indicate that both disks are still healthy. Unfortunately it is not possible to re-build a RAID0 array (unlike all other RAID configurations). In this case you might be able to wipe them both clean and start again.

I believe that the boot disk supplied by Acronis, as opposed to one that you burn yourself once the program has been installed, is a cut-down version that does not include the USB drivers required for external HDDs, so there is a problem re-installing disk images backed up onto these devices.

  woodchip 20:22 02 Sep 2006

The Boot Version does have USB drivers if you load the Full version. If you load Safe version it does not load USB drivers. This is from the self made boot CD in Acronis. I only use this now, don't bother loading it to drive. I also do this with Acronis DiscDirector Suit 10

  terryf 21:13 02 Sep 2006

staples printer cartridge
Out of curiosity, what did you do to fix it?

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