Acronis True Image

  johnlecarre 18:11 07 Jul 2005

Downloaded the free trial but didn't use it before the 15 days expiry. Removed it and downloaded again but still won't let me use it, is there something I am not removing completely or a registry entry which needs to be changed?

  freaky 18:30 07 Jul 2005

The date that you downloaded the program is still somewhere on your PC although you deleted it.

You could try a search on your PC for anything new that was added on that date. Alternativly search for any new registry entries on that date.

  vinnyT 10:52 08 Jul 2005

Go to fav mag shop (whsmiths, tesco, etc.) and find issue 232, it's out now, so run, of a mag (P----S), this has Acronis True Image8 PE on the cover disk.

This is a full ver. you have to register on their site to receive the unlock code, but is worth it.

Hope this helps.

  chugby 12:08 08 Jul 2005

also have had problems in the past uninstalling TI7 and found running Registry Mechanic (assume similar programs would work as well) afterwards will solve this before reinstalling, if you still have no luck there is a dedicated forum and have put forum link for your info with a similar problem. click here

  David4637 18:37 08 Jul 2005

I use TI Version 8 Personal free cover disc. It does work well on XP. It has a special boot disc that you create so if XP does not boot you put the CD in the drive and reboot and it allows you to find the image you have saved -there you are XP is working again. You can't save the image direct to a DVD, you have to save it to a partition and burn via say Nero to DVD. David

  mattyc_92 18:49 08 Jul 2005

You CAN backup onto DVD-RWs and/or CD-RWs... The only thing is that you must have a program such as Nero InCD installed on your system... click here for the FAQs from their site

  Dorsai 18:59 08 Jul 2005

The trial version will have hidden some data, somewhere on your PC, that records the fact the the free trial has expired.

You can try and search for it, but you can be certain that Acronis are clever enough not to call it "Acronis free trial expiry date" or anything else that is recognisable as being connected with either Acronis or True image. You can also put money on the fact that the data will be somewhere totally unconnected with the company or the program.

It may be in a section of the registry that is relevant to the OS, and in a sub section relating to a component that is always 100% guaranteed to be installed.

Then the date will not be "13 jan 2005".

They will turn the date into a code, so the actual data could be anything. A12BC-09-44. True image knows where to look, and knows how to decipher A12BC-09-44 into a date. You, or I, will just see a registry entry, relating to something, containing apparently random data.

That's assuming it's in the registry.....

It could be anywhere....

Basically, the free trial has expired. Pay up, or go without.

  freaky 20:49 08 Jul 2005

Well said that man, you have probably hit the nail on it's head. You could do a search, and using the options available i.e. date and possibly time + all hidden folders etc. And make a note of each item found. Then delete one at a time to the recycle bin, after each delete try the download again. If you are lucky enough to find the culprit, then restore all but that one, then empty the recycle bin.

Personally, I agree with Dorsai, Acronis is such a good programme might as well buy it!

  David4637 13:50 09 Jul 2005

TI Version 8 Personal is NOT a trial, its freeware in essenance. It is an advert to buy the full version if you think or know the full version has what you need, where the cover version does not. In my case, this cover version does exactly what I want it to do - IT BACKS UP AND PROVIDES AN EASY WAY TO RESTORE. I'll stop shouting now. David

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