Acronis True Image 2012

  hiwatt 14:25 10 Oct 2011

Hi folks. I've just got myself Acronis TI(Home)2012.This is my first Acronis product and I am completely new to backup software altogether.I was wondering if anyone can help me with the installation side of things first?It's a bootable dvd!Do I install the disc just like any other?There's a leaflet saying to go online and register the product.Do I install the dvd first.Any help is much appreciated

  hiwatt 14:36 10 Oct 2011

Right I just registered the product.I'm just wondering,the fact that it's a bootable dvd will I have to boot from cd/dvd drive to install Acronis?Also if it's a bootable disc,do I still have to create a bootable cd to be able to restore?I'd rather know exactly what to do before attempting it and possibly doing it wrong!Thanks folks.

  iscanut 14:40 10 Oct 2011

Yes, to install it, put DVD in drive and it should Auto Start to allow program to install. There is no need to create bootable media as the original DVD that you have is used to restore, although you will have to set the BIOS to boot from CD?DVD rather than your C: drive if and when the need occurs.

  hiwatt 10:09 11 Oct 2011

Thank you iscanut!

  hiwatt 13:34 11 Oct 2011

Hi folks! I am trying to install Acronis true image just now. After running the disc I am presented with a few folders.ATIH2012,Auto run,guide,demo,recovery manager,autorun.exe. I presume the ATIH2012 is the correct folder!However inside the folder there are 2 ATIH install files.The first one is called ATIH201250 60en-EU.exe.The other one is ATIH2012 ADD ONS 5060_en-EU.exe.There is no clear instructions in the manual how to install it.I'm presuming it is the first one but any help again is much appreciated.

  northumbria61 15:01 11 Oct 2011

The 1st one is the .exe file - ie: Program Install File - the 2nd one is Add-Ons

  hiwatt 15:07 11 Oct 2011

Thanks Northumbria,I thought that so went with that onw but I've been having problems installing it.When I run the .exe file it's telling me that ther is an updated version available and asks if I want to download it?It seems to download it and then say there was a problem connecting to the update server?There's nothing blocking it though.I'll try choosing not to update to the latest one and see if it installs ok then.Thanks.

  proudfoot 15:50 11 Oct 2011

I have TI 2010, as far as I can remember when I installed it, after placing the disc in the drive an AutoPlay window opens with "setup.exe or open folder to view files", click on setup.exe. A User Account Window opens click on Accept, then an Acronis window opens Click on Acronis True Image 2012 and TI should install. I found when I upgraded to 2010 from my previous version there was not a great deal of difference between the two. In my opinion it was not worth the expense as there were only a few extra bells and whistles which I rarely use. I norrmlly just do a straight backup of my system and programs to my USB drive. I have always made Bootable Rescue Media discs (both Safe and Full). No idea what the difference is, never needed to use the Safe Mode disc. If the PC boots into Windows TI can be run off the hard disc by clicking on the Desktop icon. When TI runs to restore an image, I believe it runs in DOS, the screen is in low resolution and the time taken can be quite a long time if you are restoring a large drive or partition. My 75GB C partition takes some 5 hours. A long time but quicker if my system is unbootable than a restore to Factory settings.

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