acronis true image 2010

  Daiol 19:02 15 Jul 2010

Just installed Acronis 2010 and did a full backup to another internal hdd,I presume that acronis does compress the backup as on my C drive I had a total of 92gb then on the backup it showed 83gb is that correct?.
Regarding weekly backups what would be the best option to choose would I choose a full backup or select the incremental method?.
Thanks I do hope that I spelt the incremental word correctly'daiol.

  rawprawn 19:17 15 Jul 2010

Although you may be showing 92gb on your C;drive Acronis will only backup the system and files it needs, there are other things that are not needed to restore your drive.
In my opinion you shoud always do a full backup, some may disagree but if only one of an incremental backup is corrupted you have lost the lot.
Take my advic and use afull backup each time. It really does not take too much time and then you are sure of recovery.
I always keep at least 3 backups Son, Father, and Grandfather.
That way I know I am safe.

  Daiol 19:27 15 Jul 2010

so what you say if I choose a regular backup every friday I should select another full backup,But what about the backup thats already done.
Every friday will it make a fresh full backup then do I delete the earlier ones?
Thanks for reply.

  morddwyd 19:41 15 Jul 2010

I do a full backup every time, alternating between two drives, and keep a maximum of two.

Once the new one is complete I delete the older one.

Make sure to do a full delete (Shift, delete) otherwise it might go into the recycle bin and continue to take up hard disc space.

  Technotiger 19:49 15 Jul 2010

Sorry rawprawn, I beg to differ - a Full Backup backs up the Entire drive, System/Registry/Programs/Settings, the whole lot! The 'difference' in size is because Acronis compresses the backups to save space.

I don't make many changes to my system or programs, so only make Full Backups fortnightly (using Acronis 2010) to an external hard drive. I keep the last two backups, deleting the oldest each time. I never bother with Incrementals.

  rawprawn 19:51 15 Jul 2010

I bow to your superior knowledge, but agree on full backups

  Daiol 19:55 15 Jul 2010

Am I correct in thinking every friday backup is set to run at 0900hrs,What will happen to the first one that I have named 'david's' will tomorrows backup overwrite taht one or will I have two backups showing on my second hdd??.Sorry to sound a bit on the thick side but I want to get it right so I can just leave it run on its own.
Thanks for bearing with me.daiol.

  Technotiger 20:26 15 Jul 2010

With Acronis 'One-click' backup, I don't think earlier ones are kept. However, using normal full backup, earlier ones are kept - which is why I delete the oldest each time.

  cocteau48 21:01 15 Jul 2010

Acronis will,by default,backup your full disk image under the name Mybackup.tib.

Unless you change the name of the backup just taken
the next backup,also called Mybackup.tib, will overwrite the first one.

Rename the first backup as eg. No1 and subsequent backups as No2 .... No3 etc.

I am scheduled to backup ever day and once a week I will run a restore of the latest,deleting the previous six after the successful restore,and start the process all over again.

  woodchip 21:50 15 Jul 2010

And with Acronis I only create Images so I can Restore From, if it goes on the Blink too much to mess around sorting it

  john bunyan 21:59 15 Jul 2010

I do a full ATI back up to a USB HD and a clone to a slave drive. (After scanning with Anti virus and anti malware and defragging.) A bit OTT but actually I have used the clone twice.I keep 2 images before deleteing. PS dont forget to validate the image.

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