Acronis True image 2009 setting up advice

  de_de 10:32 17 Jul 2009

Hi, could any users of this product advise me about the 'startup recovery manager' and specifically the 'creat secure zone' part.

I only want to back up c:\ the OS and applications. My personal data is on a seperate partition and is backed up using synback to an external USB hard drive.

I don't know if this is correct or not, but I have created a disk image and saved it to the external USB drive (in case of main disk failure).
I have also created a bootable DVD.

I am being asked where to create a secure zone. I am assuming it should be on the C:\ but I don't understand how if I had a main drive failure it links with the the disk image on my USB drive?

As you can see I don't quite understand the link between C:\, my external USB drive, and the bootable DVD!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

  Pine Man 10:37 17 Jul 2009

You don't need a secure zone if you are backing up to an external drive.

What you have done is correct.

The purpose of a secure zone is to prevent accidental access to a partition on a shared hard drive used for storing Acronis image files.

  de_de 10:47 17 Jul 2009

Thanks for that, that makes sense now.

So do I really need the bootable DVD, seeing as I have the original purchased CD?

Another question, what is the diffrence between traditional file based backups and image based backups?

I use synback for my personal documents, jpegs etc and incremently back up every week. It works good enough.

Is there any justification to start using the back up utility in Acronis for my personal files?

  Pine Man 10:56 17 Jul 2009

1. If you have an original disk you don't need to make your own bootable DVD.

2. File based backups are just what they say a back purely of files that you have selected. An image based backup is a complete back up of the drive you have selected which includes everything on it including all of the software, files and settings. If you have a major problem with your hard drive you can restore your complete system to another hard drive in the same PC and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

3. If you do regular image based backups using Acronis you won't actually need synback as you can access all of the files you want on the Acronis Image you have saved.

I have used Acronis for many years and tend to do a full back up every couple of weeks or if some major changes have taken place. It is my view and that of many others that it is best to avoid incremental or differential back ups as they can cause problems.

  de_de 11:02 17 Jul 2009

Excellent advice, thankyou!

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