acronis true image

  picklsey 17:36 04 Jun 2005

could someone give me advice please if i have set the above up correctly.

made boot cd....put image onto external h/d...acronis secure zone is confusing me i allowed 40gb from my main drive for this when i rebooted it says to press f11 to go to secure zone (i did,nt)has some thing been put in the secure zone or do i have to put something there i would be gratefull for advice on this please.

xphome sp2

  MIke 18:29 04 Jun 2005

Secure zone is an area where you save a created image, so yes you have to put something there. Tell True Image what you want to back up and t to save it in the secure zone. I believe you can the make incremental backups to the secure zone at regular intervals.

If you need to restore an image, you can do so without using the boot cd you created. If you press f11 a version of true image will load allowing you to access your backups. Handy if you can't boot into to windows to restore a working image. I found thihat this version took an absolute age to load, so have removed it from my system and will use the boot cd I created if I ever get into real trouble.

But try it yourself your set up may load TI from the f11 prompt at a more acceptable speed.

Hope this helps if not there is a forum on the Acronis site that is very useful.


  picklsey 18:42 04 Jun 2005

MIke...thanks for reply so by what you say i am better off not wasting disc space.thanks

  mattyc_92 18:49 04 Jun 2005

Hi, I use Acronis True Image, but I don't use the "Secure Zone"... Instead I have created another partition myself and protected it (using the Permissions in WinXP Pro) so that only an ADMINISTRATOR can access the partition...

All I do is either boot from the Emergency Disk or just select to restore in Windows if I can get into it of course... lol

And Obviously, it restarts my system and boots itself into the "emergency" interface, as it needs to because Windows is being used... lol

  picklsey 18:52 04 Jun 2005

mattyc_92....thanks for reply gave me more things to think about.thanks again.

  picklsey 18:53 04 Jun 2005

mattyc_92....thanks for reply gave me more things to think about.thanks again.

  mattyc_92 19:00 04 Jun 2005

Read your opening post again... and I now know what you mean....

All that Acronis has done is created a partition (instead of creating one yourself like I did) and hidden it from the Operating System...

So, this means that it is empty.... You just start a new backup job and select the acronis secure zone for the location to store it.... Then it will put the backup into the hidden partition and you can recover it from doing that "F11" thing you are (and MIke) are talking about.... Or just boot from the Emergency Disk/ select recover within Windows...

  picklsey 19:07 04 Jun 2005

mattyc_92...done away with f11 thingy will use boot up disc have saved an image to external h/d hope i don,t have to use it but after getting a disc boot failure and having to rienstall the lot from scratch i thought i had better get a good back up system.(oh the joys)thanks again.

  MIke 20:48 04 Jun 2005

No your not wasting space, but as mattyc-92 says the partition that TI created is hidden so it's difficult to accidentally erase your backup. I use a separate partition too, then burn to dvd for safe keeping

  picklsey 06:50 05 Jun 2005

MIke.... mattyc_92..thanks for advice will give it some thought.will tick for now.thanks again.

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