sid 16:00 02 Jun 2007

I purchased a copy of acronisis true image 10 home from on april 17 07
a month later I attempted to install the programme but the installation informed me that a serial number was required. No serial number was provided on either the installation disk or the packaging.Despite registering the software with aconis I have not been sucessful in obtaing a serial number in order to to install the programme.
Acronis replies to my requests appear to be automated and do not direct me to a serial number.
Has anyone else out ther experienced a similar situation????
I am now considering purchasing Norton Ghost 10as an alternative to this useless piece of software

  Pineman100 16:14 02 Jun 2007

Any retail contract is between the buyer and seller, not the original manufacturer. So I reckon you should try chasing Amazon to give you a serial number. And don't judge Acronis True Image by this mix-up - it's an excellent package, and (imho) much better than Norton Ghost.

  rawprawn 16:15 02 Jun 2007

If you registered with Acronis, go to their website click on My Account and then sign in. Tou will find your license key.

  sid 16:39 02 Jun 2007

Thanks rawprawn but ive been to the site on a number of occasions and I still dont recieve a serial number for the software legitimatley purchased.
I now find it hard to condemn the file swappers that just download software and use cracks and key gennerators to install illegall software. OK so ill hit the acronis site once more but my pacience is ruuning out with their site.

  beeuuem 16:44 02 Jun 2007

I am a little confused. To register the software you need a serial number.

  johndrew 16:46 02 Jun 2007

I purchased my copy of ATI from Amazon as well and found the serial number on a sticker inside the case, under the instruction book, in which the disk is supplied. Might be a daft question but did you look there?

If there is no sticker (and no serial number) then I suggest you contact Amazon with details of your purchase. They may be aware of the problem and simply replace the item.

  rawprawn 17:04 02 Jun 2007

Mine is on the back page of the booklet that came in the CD Case right at the bottom in large butslightly faint print.

  sid 17:46 02 Jun 2007

Hey rawprawn guess what there does appear to be a serial No on the back of the quick start booklet.
Im going to try that .
If this works Ill be back!!!!!!
Just to say thanks to all out there suppliying help and info to us dummies

  sid 18:09 02 Jun 2007

^Thanks to all you people out there my ignorence prevented me from seeing the registration No at the bottom of the last page.
The programme is now istalled
thanks to all

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