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  SURVEY 09:21 12 Apr 2007

I am about to 'give up' on Symantec Norton Ghost 9.0 due it not being able to recognise my main C drive when I thought that I needed a restore. Ghost could recognise my C drive from within Windows and when carrying out an image back-up but when it actually came to attempting a restore it was not able to 'see' the drive! As usul Symantec's emailed 'help' was delayed and hopeless. I have had Norton Internet Security in the past and endured poor support form Symantec, so finally all Symantec programs will be off my computer. Do Symantec not realise what a reputation they have and how important customer support is?

I tried True Image 10 on a free 15 day trial and that works fine and recognises the drive should a restore be required. Also Acronis answer queries promptly - certainly a huge improvement on Symantec.

So, a question for the experts on this forum. My computer (Mesh) has a manufacturers Recovery partition on the main C drive. If I ever have to carry out an image restore, will the Recovery partition be unaffected?

  Technotiger 09:25 12 Apr 2007

Hi, as far as I am aware, manufacturers recovery only resets to manufacturers default settings. Very much better to have Acronis True Image 10 and save your backups to an external hard drive. Acronis backs up absolutely EVERYTHING, including all your personal and individual program settings. In the event if it is needed it will restore your computer exactly as it was when you made the backup.

  Technotiger 09:28 12 Apr 2007

ps I meant to add - and that includes the Man's Rec Partition.

  SURVEY 09:33 12 Apr 2007

Technotiger - I should have added that I do always back up the images to an external hard drive. My question was does the back up ignore the Recovery partition on my drive, leaving it in place?

  Technotiger 09:40 12 Apr 2007

Acronis backup includes everything, so that includes the recovery partition.

  MAJ 09:42 12 Apr 2007

I have never trusted these types of programs to backup my computer, especially if they are all you put your faith in.
Backup your important docs, pics etc. to CD/DVD or another hard drive, external or internal, or both (if you like the belt and braces approach). Keep all your program/driver CDs safe where you know you can put your hands on them, back them up too if you like. Use your Restore/Windows CD to do a clean install, then install everything from scratch. As most people now have a broadband connection (or possible access to one), even downloading all the Windows updates is no longer a seemingly insurmountable problem. Sure, it takes longer, but it's infallible.

  FatboySlim71 09:45 12 Apr 2007

I use Acronics TI 10, if you do a FULL BACKUP, it backs up ABSOLUTELY everything, basicially it takes an identical image (including partitions) of your hard drive, even down to your icon layout on your desktop.

I use Acronis TI 10 and back up to an external hard drive. I will provide a link below to the Acronis TI 10 users forum. You are able to view topics/questions that have been answered and also if you register (this is free) you can ask questions as well.

I know that they helped me out alot prior to me purchasing Acronis TI 10, the users of this forum are very knowledable. I can highly recommend Acronis TI 10 it is argueably the best backup program around.

  SURVEY 09:49 12 Apr 2007

MAJ - I do also take back-ups of My Docs, photos, Music etc and keep on another external drive and CD's. I think that I have all bases covered!

ALL - The reason I raised this point was that Ghost used to view the Recovery Partition as a separate drive. Thus it saved the image of everything except the Recovery Partition. This is different to Cloning where the whole drive is copied.

  rawprawn 09:57 12 Apr 2007

Yes, it will only backup your C: drive and it will ignore your recovery partition unless it can see it, but even if it can see it,it would only back the recovery drive up if you asked it to so.I have a Sony Vaio with a recovery partition Acronis 10 can see it, but unless I choose to back it up, it is left alone.

  FatboySlim71 09:59 12 Apr 2007

Sorry, here is the link.

click here

  SURVEY 10:07 12 Apr 2007

rawprawn - Yup, just as I thought!

Thanks all for your help. Just about to order from Amazon at £22.97, unless you know of a better deal?

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