Acronis TI9

  EARLR 15:06 21 Sep 2006

How can I create a secure zone on an external usb hard drive?

  anskyber 15:14 21 Sep 2006

This is what Acronis advise click here

  EARLR 10:03 22 Sep 2006

I have heard of other members storing acronis backups on external HDD's
Does anyone know how?

  rawprawn 10:26 22 Sep 2006

What is the point?

  ribo 10:29 22 Sep 2006

I store my Acronis image on my external USB HDD.
In the program,when asked where you want it stored you select your external drive. I do not create a secure zone anywhere. Do not know if this is what you are asking. Hope it helps J

  anskyber 10:42 22 Sep 2006

Yes but that is different to creating a secure zone. I store my back up image to an external HDD for added security. I have not created a secure zone.

  anskyber 10:46 22 Sep 2006

Here is what Acronis say about secure zones, click here they are only "needed" if you are using the same HDD (usually internal) to store your image and the operating system/programs etc.

  James. 10:48 22 Sep 2006

Start TI9, select "Manage Acronis Secure Zone" follow the wizards instructions, selecting your USB drive as the location for the secure zone.

This worked for me, but as far as I am aware there can only be one secure zone, so if you have created one elsewhere, you will have to delete that first, and re-create it on your usb drive.

  EARLR 13:58 22 Sep 2006

I also store my backup on an external hdd.
Will it hurt to defrag that hd?

  EARLR 14:00 22 Sep 2006

dont understand "whats the point"

  rawprawn 15:55 22 Sep 2006

Why create a secure zone on an external HDD. The secure zone is a protction against your C:drive developing serious faults and is meant for recovery. If you create a Full backup on an external HDD, you would simply plug it in and start from there, if you are unable to do that a secure zone would make no difference, you would have to boot from Acronis recovery disc anyway.

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