Acronis TI Recovery

  par 3 12:26 16 Aug 2010

I am trying to recover a back up in Acronis. It gets to a part when it says 'reboot necessary'. The computer reboots and goes to my desktop and nothing else happens. Any ideas?? win xp home sp3

  Taff™ 13:51 16 Aug 2010

The obvious question to ask is "Has it done the restoration?"

  mgmcc 13:59 16 Aug 2010

Where is your Acronis backup:

In a separate partition?
In a separate hard drive?
In an external hard drive?
On one or more DVDs?

If running the restore doesn't work when selected within the Acronis program, boot the PC with the "Bootable Rescue Media". If you got Acronis on CD, that disk should boot the PC. With a downloaded copy of Acronis, there is an option to create a "Bootable Rescue Media" CD.

  par 3 17:26 16 Aug 2010

The partition is on an external hard drive and I have acronis ti on disc. The partition is on the external hard drive but no matter what I do I get 'reboot necessary', the computer reboots amd returns to the desktop again.

  cocteau48 18:05 16 Aug 2010

If I recall correctly there should be no request to reboot if you are rebooting the machine with the Acronis disk pre-installed as suggested by mgmmc.

The reboot request only comes when restoring from within the installed version of Acronis.

  mgmcc 20:28 16 Aug 2010

If you are being prompted to reboot, the PC must have booted from the hard disk and loaded Windows. It is then trying to perform the restore.

Do you definitely have the Boot Device sequence in the BIOS set so that the CD/DVD drive is *before* the hard disk?

  Batch 12:56 17 Aug 2010

I have restored many many times without using a boot CD (and also many many times with one).

If you try to restore your active partition (which may well be your only partition) from TI from within Windows, it won't let you and prompts you to reboot (this is because it is not possible to restore the active partition whilst it is in use - e.g. whislt you have Windows running from it). If you accept this option, it creates a temporary (one off) boot script that loads TI in its own Linux shell without the need for using the boot CD. You should then be able to do the restore without issue (provding the device on which the backup is stored is accessible from the shell version of TI). The TI boot CD is not required for this and so it is not necessary to change the boot devive sequence in the BIOS.

The alternative to the above is to just boot direct from the TI boot CD (have first made sure that the CD drive takes priority over the HDD in the boot sequence). If you can't get the reboot as in the para above to work, suggest you try this instead.

  par 3 17:22 17 Aug 2010

Many thanks guys, I followed the advice of Batch and that did the job.

  Batch 18:25 17 Aug 2010

Thanks for letting us know.

One piece of advice - if you do not have a Acronis TI Boot CD (maybe due to buying and downloading TI online), it is STRONGLY advised that you create one. You will find the the option to do in the TI menus (e.g. Create Bootable Rescue Media).

It is important to do this as, if you can't boot in to Windows, without a boot CD you can't run Acronis.

BTW, I can't vouch for other versions of TI, but in the version I have (V8), Create Bootable Rescue Media works fine with making bootable USB Pen Drives (especially useful if you have a netbook or other PC without a CD drive).

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