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  chrisbenwalker 11:03 21 Oct 2006

I have just started tring out Acronis True Image for back up, and after running a full back up, if I try to create a differential, or incremential backup, it creates a new folder called 'backup2', then 'backup3' and so on after each additional backup containing just the recently added files. Is this what should happen? I thought I could just keep the original backup file, but add to it as my additional saved files get added to it so would be easier to restore in the event of a failure. This way, if I run a backup once a week, I'll end up with loads of seperate files that I have to individually restore.
Sorry if I'm just being dumb, but is this right?

  Pine Man 11:18 21 Oct 2006

What is happening is correct, which is why I tend not to use incremental backups.

I have a large hard drive kept separately for TI backups and do a full backup everytime. It only takes about 10 minutes and there are about six backups to choose from at any one time.

  rawprawn 11:36 21 Oct 2006

No you won't have to restore the individual files, you can click on any one of them to restore to that position as long as the original backup is still in place. I do incremental backups to a slave hard drive then after about 6 weeks delete them all and start again with a full backup. NEVER use the incremental backups in "Acronis Secure Zone" as the original backup can be auto deleted when no more space is left in the partion.

  johndrew 11:42 21 Oct 2006

As Pine Man says, TI is working correctly.

If you only have relatively small backup volumes then the above is fine. However, if you are backing up a full partition (say 100GB) it does take much longer. What I do is Incremental backups of the partition for a few months (your choice) and then wipe those off and do a new full backup.

To ensure I don`t get the dreaded `corrupt archive` warning when I validate, I use the recovery CD to boot and backup to my external drive. To keep things clean I also use a separate file for each set of backups for each partition.

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