Acronis TI "Cannot assign a drive letter"

  Skeletor 21:18 28 Jun 2005

Hi all,

I have Acronis TrueImage Deluxe (the one that comes free with PC mags from time to time). I've been using it for about 18 months with no problem...until now.

About 6 months ago I created an image using Acronis TI, and saved it to DVD (6 Disks). I now want to access a couple of files that I think maybe on (or is it IN) the image. I copied the tib files from the DVD's to a seperate drive that I use for backups. Now, when I try to explore the files using Acronis TI, I get the message "ERROR, Cannot assign a drive letter to a partition from the image archive".

I have other images that I can explore with no problem, the only difference being that they weren't split for DVD.

I've checked the Acronis site, and it appears to be a fairly common problem. BUT, no one seems to have a solution. Hopefully someone here can help.

Manyn thanks,


  MIke 21:42 28 Jun 2005

I haven't used TI for this myself, but just a thought, have you tried accessing the image file from the dvd's direct rather than copying the split image back to a hard drive? Maybe TI needs to 'see' the original file structure on the dvd's.

I've also found the e-mail support service from Acronis to be very helpful, though it does take a few days to get a reply.

  Skeletor 21:49 28 Jun 2005

Thanks Mike,

Yes, I tried that first, but no joy. Acronis do say that images copied to DVD should be copied back to the HD for restoring or exploring.


  MIke 22:30 28 Jun 2005

Hello again

Out of interest I just put a dvd with an image on it into my dvd drive and tried to explore the image direct from the DVD, admittedly the file is on one disc and not split over several, but it worked fine. assigning drive letters to the two partitions saved in the file. I'm using version 8 build 800. Not sure how much different the deluxe version is to version 8. Have you got a smaller partition you could image to a re-writable dvd or cd, to see if you can do the same? One thing that's occurred to me is that maybe your image has become corrupted?

I'm not sure I can be of any more help, other than to suggest you try e-mail support from Acronis.


  MIke 22:33 28 Jun 2005

Just re-read your first posting, and I see you have already got images on one disc you can access. Sorry should have read before posting! I still wonder if corruption is the culprit though.

  Skeletor 23:49 28 Jun 2005

Thanks again Mike,

Have to say that it has crossed my mind as well (corrupt file) but I don't recall any suggestion of that on the Acronis forum, and several people have had the same error message.

Something which could be significant, that I only remembered since my Last posting. About 2 months ago I installed a new HDD as my main drive (C:), so it could have something to do with that.


  MIke 20:43 29 Jun 2005

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm out of ideas. Can anyone else shed some light on this?

  Skeletor 11:30 30 Jun 2005


Thanks for your time and effort.

This is probably not too common a problem, even though doing a search on the Acronis site shows several people have had the same experience.

I think I'll try downloading the latest trial version (15 days). If that solves the problem (for some it has), then maybe a purchase is on the cards.


  MIke 20:17 30 Jun 2005

Good luck!

  Skeletor 00:03 01 Jul 2005

Cheers Mike,

I've tried the latest version. unfortunately I get the same error message. I think, as you said, that the files (or, at least the main volume) must be corrupt :-(

Luckily it's not a major disaster, as I have 2 other images which will be more useful in the event of a HDD failure, and they seem to be OK. It's just that I think that there are a couple of files in the corrupt image that I wanted to view. They aren't that important, so, no big problem.


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