Acronis TI 11 for under £6.00

  cocteau48 07:54 16 Sep 2008

It's apparently a one week offer to get Acronis TI 11 ...Plus...Disk Director Suite for Free ... all for $9.99 ( about £5.97)

go to:

click here

and enter ATIH80 into the code box.

Sounds too good to be true!

  crosstrainer 07:57 16 Sep 2008

"Sounds too good to be true!" It probably is, it's the old "other side of the pond" pricing thing.

Might work if you use a credit card that uses dual currency, but I doubt it.

I paid £15 for my TI11 and though that was a good price :((

  Happy37 07:59 16 Sep 2008


Have you managed to purchase this at the price as you have said?

  cocteau48 08:13 16 Sep 2008


Still looking for the catch .... are they affiliated to Lehman Brothers?

  Happy37 08:20 16 Sep 2008

There's a to find out!!!???

  cocteau48 08:31 16 Sep 2008

Before you jump in with both feet....
click here

  ventanas 08:51 16 Sep 2008

It seems to be genuine enough, and the currency for payment can be changed to pounds. But be careful with Disc Director.
UAC blocks its start up in Vista, and SP1 blocks the whole thing. It is "incompatible with this version of Windows."

I told Acronis this months ago, but no update as yet. Over the years I have come to have little faith in their support.

  johnem 08:59 16 Sep 2008

After having install problems with TI 10, contacted support and after several various attempts to conmplete the install, they forwarded the upgrade to TI 11, FOC. Installed it on XP SP2 with no problems and it seems to be fully operational. So sometimes the Acronis support works, albeit slightly slowly.

  cocteau48 10:47 16 Sep 2008

OK guys this appears genuine.
Both Acronis TI 11 and Disk Director Suite downloaded instantly with installation codes. TI 11 installed on my laptop and is running a backup now.
Slight hitch in that I installed over the top of TI 10 and although the installation completed OK. program did not want to run. Uninstalled everything with Revo and started again and all seems to be fine.
Total cost $9.99 + $1.50 tax which at current rates should be around £6.50.
I think the offer expires Sep 19th.

  I am Spartacus 11:09 16 Sep 2008

Thank you, £6.77 for both is an excellent deal. TI12 must be on the way:o)

  Happy37 11:11 16 Sep 2008

cocteau48 and others

I can confirm what you and others have said...the offer is genuine as I have just gpne and used the offer code and I will download these tonoght and will use them.

Is it possible to install the Acronis 11 True Image program on 2 PCs using the one, same code number or not? - please let me know.

Otherwise, all works well.

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