Acronis TI 11 (again)

  exdragon 22:10 01 Feb 2011

Why can't I get my head round this? I've just backed up one tiny external drive and one very small internal one. Both back up options are identical, yet in the 'View log', one shows it was a full back up, whilst the other was differential one (both should have been full). Additionally, in the log, the two reports were listed, but I've just had another look and several parsing errors have appeared out of nowhere.

Also, when selecting 'Create bootable media', what's the difference between the two full versions listed?

I'm getting so fed up with this - I didn't have any problems with version 10. I'm obviously a complete idiot.

  zarobian 07:42 02 Feb 2011

Contact acronis for help.

  exdragon 08:41 02 Feb 2011

Thank you for a helpful reply. I waited about three weeks for a response to another Acronis question: they didn't actually read what I wrote but directed me to to the kb which didn't include the answer anyway.

I know many people here use Acronis, hence my questions posted in this Helproom forum.

  rawprawn 08:55 02 Feb 2011

I would be inclined to uninstall Acronis, reboot and run Ccleaner (Both clean and Registry)click here and re install Acronis.
I did find this article which you may want to try first.
click here
Good Luck

  exdragon 09:44 02 Feb 2011

Thanks - I'll read the article after I've had my first coffee, I'll feel stronger then! Just realised it's 9.45 already.

I updated from 2010 to 2011, so only have the download. When I first had the problems, I did uninstall and tried to put 2010 back on, but it said my serial number had expired. Luckily I'd created a system restore point before then so could get back to 2011.

  rawprawn 10:12 02 Feb 2011

If you registered both your 2010 an2011 versions in "My Account" with Acronis you should have no problems.If by any chance you didn't register them do it now. Download the 2011 upgrade (It's the full monty) and when you are installing it after you have entered the program code it will say that scince this is an upgrade please enter your 2010 code. Then it should load fully, that is what mine does when I have re installed it.

  exdragon 10:38 02 Feb 2011

Thank you - I don't remember entering the code. All my versions are registered, so I'll give it a go.

  exdragon 12:10 02 Feb 2011

Done that - at least both the back ups were in the same format. I'll try the C drive over lunch: when I tried it yesterday, it stopped validating with five minutes to go, and at that point, came up with errors.

  woodchip 12:58 02 Feb 2011

I have only read the first few posts, so pleas ignore if its wrong. But I do not us and never have used incremental backups using Acronis. Also I find that Acronis is more reliable if you use it by booting with the Acronis CD then work in DOS mode after it loads into memory, Windows is not running and Acronis is left to do its thing. I only create Images as backups to external drives or create a backup to another partition the copy it to External Drive in windows also checking the backups when made that they will work when needed. Acronis I think as gone over the top trying to be too many things to too many people. I like to stick to the simple things trhat I know works and can get me back up and going when I need to. Acronis is no different to Microsoft, They are in it to make money. No different to car manufacturers or any thing else for that matter, at the end of the DAY THEY ARE OUT TO CREATE $ or £ an as fast as posible

  exdragon 13:17 02 Feb 2011

What I do is to create a full back up of each internal drive to an external one. I've got two external drives and alternate, deleting the oldest of three each time.

I suspect it's belt, braces and bit of string!

I've restored a couple of times when I've had a problem, but don't understand when people say to restore a backup to test it works - where does it restore it to? Don't understand DOS either - I've got a headache!

What's Comodo like??

  woodchip 13:27 02 Feb 2011

DOS means it loads to Memory from the CD, not run in Windows environment. But still as a Graphical interface. Test as I said by running the backup as soon as you make it after you have validating the Image this you can do in DOS Mode After booting with the Acronis Disc. But you have to change the boot order4 in BIOS to boot from CD first boot device Save and exit BIOS.

PS You can boot with the CD and have a look round without making changes. if you don't like it remove the CD and reboot

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