ACRONIS TI 10,password

  iqs 18:25 09 Oct 2007


I have used ACRONIS 10 to make a complete backup of my harddrive,which has been saved to my second internal harddrive.

I have just tried to access the backup file,but it is asking for a password?.When I created the backup I did not make it password protected.

So far this has happened twice with the backups.

Can anyone offer any help please.

Thanks,Cheers IQS

  rawprawn 19:09 09 Oct 2007

Try putting in you Logon password.

  iqs 22:44 09 Oct 2007

rawprawn,and thanks for the reply.Could you please clarify 'Try putting in you Logon password' please.

I have no passwords for using XP or ACRONIS.

Thanks again.Cheers

  woodchip 22:51 09 Oct 2007

Is this a Trial or Full Product Acronis???

  woodchip 22:53 09 Oct 2007

Have you created a Rescue CD? if you have try booting with the CD, then try Restoring the Image from there

  rawprawn 08:31 10 Oct 2007

Sorry, if you don't use a logon password when you boot up to get to the Welcome screen I don't know.
Do you know if there is an Administrators password?

  iqs 12:01 10 Oct 2007

woodchip and rawprawn,

It is the full boxed product.The supplied disc is bootable.

I have used the disc,and restored the image.This works fine.No password was requested.It only occurs when you try and manually access the image file.It seems very odd.

There is no admisistrator password.I am the only user of this PC.I don't like passwords,just incase I forget them.

I have sent an e-mail to ACRONIS support detailing this problem.

I will post their reply when received.Thank you for all your help and suggestions.Cheers

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