Acronis TI 10 external hard drive question

  Mbube 17:35 12 Sep 2007


I am thinking of buying Acronis TI 10 in order to back up my system on to an external HDD. I already have a Western Digital 250GB USB drive which I use mainly for storing photos, this has 100GB of free space on it at present. Yesterday I downloaded the trial version of TI 10 when I clicked Backup and then My Computer it said it was 84.3GB if I went ahead with the backup would this be compressed. Otherwise I will quickly fill up the hard drive with future photos, since my photos are nearly all Raws or Tiffs. So if I get TI 10 should I buy a new external HDD and would it be safer to backup my system to a separate drive anyway. Although most of my photos are burnt on to DVDs I like to keep them on the hard drive as well

I am also a little confused as to how I've used 84.3GB as I've only had this pc for just over a month. When I open drive C and look at the properties of the folders it says Program files 2.37GB, Users 27.7GB and Windows 9.72GB which makes 39.79GB, so why when I right click drive C and select properties does it says I've used 84.3GB? and how do I find out what the remaining 41.51GB are.

I bought this Vista pc to replace my XP pc which died on me and refused to reboot. I hadn't done a proper backup I'd just copied my files onto the external drive so I lost all my most recent data. Now I think it's time to get some proper backup software and TI 10 looks like the answer. As well as safeguarding my data I want to be able to buy downloaded software without fear of loosing it if my system crashes.

Any advice would be great thanks

  skidzy 18:05 12 Sep 2007

The problem with used GB's is probably associated to System Restore,reduce the allocated space.

Reduce System Restore click here
excellent tip.

And from experience i would buy the cd version of Acronis TI 10,the cd itself becomes the boot media.

Acronis ti 10 click here

  Maturin 18:15 12 Sep 2007

Mbube, I have used TI for sometime and am now using TI 10. The extra GB you see is I think because TI makes an image of your whole disk (unless you specify otherwise).

Here is not the place to discuss the merits of different backup strategies. However, I would recommend you invest in as large an external HDD as you can afford (£80 or so can get you 500GB now - has some great offers on Seagate and Western Digital drives for instance).

My desktop PC crashed with a blue screen of death 2 weeks ago after attempting to install a new mouse (Saitek 3200 - which is really fast, but I will not attempt software install again!!). The HDD is 200GB and TI 10 restored the system from the image file in just under 7 hours (ie overnight) - a real life saver!

The TI user forum is really quite helpful as is this forum if you get stuck.

I hope this helps


  cocteau48 18:57 12 Sep 2007

skidy's link is for amazon - and is even cheaper than I paid (from amazon) but at the mo' you can get Acronis T10 from for £14.99 post free
click here

  cocteau48 18:59 12 Sep 2007

Apologies to Skidzy - typo!

  Mbube 20:46 12 Sep 2007

Thanks Guys

Skidzy you were right about the System Restore, the maximum size is set at 44GB I think I will leave it for the moment as I have still got 208GB of free space but I saved the tip so I can change it later if I want to.

I was planning to get TI 10 from Amazon but I think maybe I will get it from thanks Cocteau48. I had decided it was probably better to get the disc than go for the download.

I think I will probably also get another external HDD, it can't hurt to have 2. I will do some research and shop around before I decide which to go for, I like having one with an on/off switch so that it's always switched of when I'm not using it.

Once I've sorted out the software and the HDD I will consult the TI user forum if I have any problems

  Strawballs 22:27 12 Sep 2007

How many internal drives do you have? if you only have one you could put another in just for your backups as it works a lot faster for creating and restoreing from internals.

I use this method if you have any problems you just put the acronis disc in with the bios set to boot from cd first and it will then look for any acronis backups inc second drives and you can restore from there.

  Mbube 00:06 13 Sep 2007

Thanks Strawballs

I only have the one internal drive, I hadn't thought of getting a 2nd one so I'll look in to it. I guess it might be cheaper as well as quicker. If I use the 2nd HDD just for backups and nothing else what's the minimum size I should go for? does it need to be the same size as my existing one(320GB)

  Strawballs 22:24 13 Sep 2007

It can be depending on how much you want to backup, if it is the same size then you can always back up the lot.

  Mbube 10:12 14 Sep 2007


  David4637 13:09 14 Sep 2007

If you have got Acronis you don't need System Restore. Acronis is your SYSTEM RESTORE. I switched it off over a year ago. David

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