Acronis TI 10 Again...Sorry!

  al7478 02:38 27 Sep 2007

Morning All!

I now no one will see this now, but thought id right it when its fresh in my mind, so thats why i might bump it when i get up later!

So, I finally got round to making a backup and saving it to an external hd. I also made a boot disk with the iso image on it (altho, strangely, it wouldnt let me select the cd or dvd drive options, it kept throwing up some error messages).

I'm afraid I have a few more queries now tho.

1) when i tried the boot disk, pressing F12 (Dell Dimension 5150), it booted, but once "in", my mouse wouldnt work, and it didnt always work (it would go up and down, but thats it) out right with the arrow keys. is there a way round this?

2) is it sufficient to just tap F12 if i need to use acronis "in anger", or do i need to set the pc to read the cd drive first permanently?

Presumably, I just have to go to "recovery" if i need to use it for real, and its plain sailing from there, once i have plugged the external hd in?

  al7478 02:53 27 Sep 2007

Oh, and

3) can i put the iso on other media too, so i have a choice of what to use to boot up with, and will the boot sequence menu give me the option of using a usb device (sorry, i should know that, having seen it a few minutes ago)? And would this be further complicated by the fact i have partitioned my external hd (which i might want to boot up from) into 3...?

  al7478 15:53 27 Sep 2007


  rawprawn 16:20 27 Sep 2007

As far as I remember you press F11 to activate Acronis Secure zone when booting.
If you put Acronis on an External Drive for example and you want to recover from that, if you open Acronis and select "Recover" then click on the backup shown in your external drive that you want and Acronis will reboot and do the rest for you.
I hope that I have understood the questions.

  al7478 17:27 27 Sep 2007

Thanks rawprawn.

Still feel a bit confused about some of the questions above, but ill wait and see for now.

  rawprawn 17:30 27 Sep 2007

I'm sorry I'm a bit confused how you have posed the questions, but I am sure you will get it right.

  al7478 17:51 27 Sep 2007

No problem, many thanks for the replies. I'm trying to think if theres a better way i can put the questions.

  al7478 20:18 27 Sep 2007

I'm sorry, i need to have another crack at this, otherwise itll never work if i do need to use it for real.

  rawprawn 09:36 28 Sep 2007

Acronis Help is very explicit, read it carefully and all the answers are there. Sometimes we start using without reading the notes and find ourselves lost. No offence meant, I know I sometimes stumble about.

  al7478 14:58 28 Sep 2007

No offence taken, i must admit you are quite right! Perhaps the fact people seem to find it so easy led to me having faulse confidence to begin with, and so not paying enough attention to the help notes. Not that that is anyone's fault but my own, i admit.

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