Acronis TI 10. 4 hours for recoveryprocess

  rawprawn 08:42 30 Apr 2007

Windows Vista Home Premium, I used Acronis yesterday to recover my laptop (Vaio VGN-AR31E)from my external HD via USB 2 connection. It took more than 4 hours to complete,On my old desktop (XP Pro) it would take only about 30 minutes. Can anybody explain why? The compression was set at normal.

  keef66 10:48 30 Apr 2007

Me too. Just had to do a complete recovery of my desktop with an 80 gb hard drive about three quarters full. Backup was on external HDD via USB 2.0. It said at the start it was going to take 6 hours, but I think it actually took 4.

I just assumed that was normal. The full backup took a couple of hours to create in the first place.

I have read about people claiming full system restore in half an hour only when they are restoring just the OS / apps, and the data is elsewhere

  rawprawn 11:03 30 Apr 2007

I think it is to do with the rate of transfer using USB. On my desktop it only took about 30 minutes, but I used Acronis Secure Zone and an internal slave HD.

  bjh 12:46 30 Apr 2007

There is a big speed difference between a restore from an operating system on one HDD to a second HDD, and a restore when you use the Acronis TI CD to boot. I routinely unarchive an image to a second HDD, and it takes 4 minutes for OS (XP Pro) and programmes. When I use the CD to boot from, and get the Acronis front up (a bit like DOS, remember that?) it routinely takes an hour or more.

Did your desktop have a second HDD, or were you booting from the CD? Obviously, not an easy option with a laptop. YOu can boot from an external HDD on your lappie, though, and that'll speed it up a treat!

  rawprawn 13:22 30 Apr 2007

Yes my desktop had 2 internal HDD as I said, also I was able to use the Acrnis Secure Zone which I cannot on my laptop. (I think it is to do with RAID)
How can I boot from an external HDD? I have a Western Digital 250gb "My Book" I cannot load Vista onto that as my Laptop came pre loaded and all I have done is make a recovery disc

  bjh 11:36 02 May 2007

Without an operating CD I think you'd be flogging a dead horse, Rawprawn.

In the BIOS you can choose the boot device (HDD, CD, etc.), and you should be able to select an external HDD there.... but you'd need the OS on it, and I don't believe it'll work from an image of an internal HDD. No chance. Well, one in fifty, maybe...

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